Here are some of the Best Books About Melbourne Australia. Melbourne sits on the south coast of Australia where the air is pure and the city has a direct view of the Southern Ocean. The city plays host to the Australian Open every year to begin the major tennis season, and it has played host to the Olympics.

Melbourne is an artistic community that provides its citizens with a beautiful downtown, nice suburbs and rural areas that give everyone a taste of the beauty and majesty of Australia. The five books on this list tell travelers how to get the most out of their visits to one of the southernmost cities in the world.

JB’s Australia Travel Guide

The JB’s Australia Travel Guide offers information about every part of the country, but a large section is devoted to Melbourne. Melbourne is a popular tourist location because of the Australian Open, and it is a wonderful place for people who want to partake in the arts and culture of the city.

Melbourne has a wonderful city center that you can explore using the travel guide, and you can use the guide as you venture outside the city to untold parts of the the Victorian area.

Lonely Planet Melbourne Guide

The Lonely Planet Melbourne Guide is a directory for just the city of Melbourne. There is a nice public transit system that takes people from the outskirts of the city to the center of the city.

Visitors may come to the city during the State Schools Music Spectacular, take a trip to the courts where the Australian Open is played or take a trip to every shop and restaurant in the area. You get a Bohemian and mystical look at the city from this guide, and you can enjoy the center of the city thoroughly before you journey elsewhere.

Lonely Planet Victoria Guide: One of the best books about Melbourne

The Lonely Planet Victoria Guide is a guide to the state where Melbourne is the seat of. The Lonely Planet Guide teaches people how to enjoy the areas around Melbourne when they take heir vacations, and this is a great supplement for people who want to venture outside the city after a couple days of exploring in the city center.

There are many lovely people living outside the city in their own little towns, and you are depriving yourself if you do not get to meet these people and learn about their culture. You will continue your Bohemian tour when you use the Lonely Planet guide to explore the Victorian state.

Insight Guides: Melbourne, Australia

The insight Guide to Melbourne is another best books about Melbourne, that lets you in on little details of the city that you might not get otherwise. People who want to know the intimate details of the city need to read up on the city before they leave for their trip. Australia is often a once in a lifetime trip for the people that go there, and you need to read as much as you can in the Insight Guide before you leave.

The insight Guide was written by travelers who explored every nook and cranny of the city before writing their reviews, and you can take a trip to the city based on the guides that you have read. The guide will take you to the best restaurants, the best sites and the best attractions that are not filled with tourists.

Australia: There’s Nothing Like It

Australia: There’s Nothing Like It is a great guide for travelers who come to the continent, and it has a full section on Melbourne. The guide will take you to most beautiful and historic places in the country, and it will help people find the hidden treasures that they could not find on their own.

There are many people who use this guide over all others because they want to go off the beaten path, and you will find yourself looking at amazing sights that you would never find without help from the guide.

Every book on this list are the Best Books About Melbourne Australia, that will take you to a great sight or attraction in Melbourne that is worth checking out. You can go down for the Australian Open, but you can get away from the home courts of Margaret Court and explore with these guides.

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