Here are some of the best books about Sydney. Sydney, Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is home to some of the nicest people, most exciting things to do and it is home to some of the most interesting creatures. These are all wonderful things that are just waiting to be discovered by you! is one of the best places to find literary works about just about anything, including Sydney, Australia.

Lonely Planet Make My Day Sydney (One Of The Best Books About Sydney)

One of the most popular books about Sydney is the Lonely Planet Make My Day Sydney created by Lonely Planet.

This travel guide is the perfect companion to have when you are looking to plan out your trip. It provides you with some of the best examples of places to go and things to see while you’re down under! The guide has around 2,000 different itinerary combinations. You can mix and match these options at your will and never feel as though you’re missing out on anything.

The travel guide also provides you with insider tips about these places. The various maps will become of great assistance to you as you begin to navigate around the area. Lonely Planet has put forth a great effort to include various restaurants and cafes that are near the most popular destination spots. Lonely Planet’s travel guide stands out among the rest because of the full color images, essential details about the city, and the pull out map of Sydney, Australia.

Top 10 Sydney (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel guide) by Steve Womersley

Another handy travel guide to consider for your trip to Sydney, Australia is the Top 10 Sydney (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel guide) by Steve Womersley. This favorite is a great pocket guide to some of the best hotels, museums and other fun activities in the area.

This guide may be a better choice for those who are interested in the most popular things to do. Inside, you will find walking tours, traveler tips, multiple maps and destination highlights. You will also have lists of the best museums, festivals, and outdoor activities that anyone is sure to enjoy!

Steve Womersley has done a great job of supplying his readers with the major sights and attractions in Sydney, Australia. It’s convenient size makes it easier to carry along with you on your daily excisions.

The Local Sydney Tour Guide

The Local Sydney Tour Guide by David Newton is another great travel guide to consider. This guide is where you will find information about Sydney’s icons, cafes, dining, nightlife, beaches, and so much more!

The DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Sydney

The DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Sydney, created by DK Publishing is an in-depth travel guide about Sydney, Australia. This travel guide will help you navigate everything from the famous opera house to the peaceful boat tours. The DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Sydney will lead you to every beautiful white sand beach where you can relax and soak up the sun along with restaurant, hotel and shop listings for the area. The guide is fully equipped with 3-D drawings, floor plans, and maps for many of the popular attractions and transportation options.

This is also a great guide if you are interested in learning a little history and culture about Sydney and its surrounding areas. Having the background knowledge about the places you visit can help you appreciate them much more.

Sydney, Australia in 3 Days (Travel Guide 2016)

Finally, the last “top 5 books about Sydney, Australia in” is the Sydney, Australia in 3 Days (Travel Guide 2016) by the Sydney, Australia Travel Guide company.

This travel guide through Sydney has been created for those who wish to fully experience Australia in 72 hours. It is packed with all of the best things to do in Sydney including the best places to eat and at least 20 spots that the locals try to keep secret.

The Sydney, Australia Travel Guide Company has put together an hour by hour itinerary to keep you busy for each of the 72 hours you’re in Sydney. This 72 hour plan has been well-developed and well thought out to accommodate anyone of any age. has been a leading competitor in the literary business for around 10 years. Today, this is the place where consumers can find a multitude of other goods including clothing, hiking boots, and luggage that you may also need for your trip to Sydney, Australia and found best books about Sydney Australia

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