Here are some of the best didgeridoos to buy for your family and yourself. A didgeridoo is a folk wind instrument made by native peoples of Australia. It is long and hollow, often made of bamboo or some other branch of a tree.

There are also modern versions made of other materials. Didgeridoos were originally hollowed out by termites or ants. They are between three and 10 feet long and most are about five feet long. Here are the top five that are available on Amazon.

Hand Crafted Modern Didgeridoo with Beeswax Mouthpiece – Loud!

This Didgeridoo is made by World Percussion USA, and each one is hand made, as well as inspected and tested before shipping. It is 52 inches tall and two inches wide. It is made with synthetic materials, is sturdy yet lightweight and waterproof.

This model includes a beeswax mouthpiece, and a beeswax bar to adjust it for your use and tone. It has a slight curvature and is tuned to the key of C. This one sells for around $35 and free shipping is available. This instrument has no curve. Some have a curved structure, and that is a matter of personal preference.

Solid Wood Didgeridoo, hand stained.

This didgeridoo is made of real wood and is a bit more expensive, in the $80 range from World Percussion USA. It is 52 inches long, and tuned to keys C through E. It is made from a solid piece of hardwood for the most authentic sound possible. It has a hand made finish with a dark stain, covered with clear lacquer. It is durable and water resistant.

The company has a few of these used a well. It includes the traditional beeswax mouthpiece, and there is one image on the barrel of native design. Solid wood is more authentic and offers a more authentic sound.

Meinl Percussion DDG1 Bamboo Didgeridoo (One Of The Best Didgeridoos To Buy)

This is one of the more low cost instruments on Amazon, at around 20. It is made of bamboo, making it very light, yet it is sturdy. It is 47 inches long and black. It has white and red hand painted designs similar to traditional native Australian art.

This didgeridoo may be played without a mouthpiece, but Meinl makes one that can be purchased separately. This version is good for beginners who want to learn to play this ancient folk instrument. Free shipping is available in the USA.

Toca DIDG-CTS Curved Didgeridoo

This is one of the more colorful instruments available. It is 50 inches long and is made of synthetic materials – meaning it isn’t traditional bamboo. The instrument is brown at the base, and has hand painted drawings and images of the tribal sun design which is based on ancient drawings found related to the instrument in Australia.

This one sells for around $30, but you will need to get a separate mouthpiece. Toca sells one that is organic and hand poured, made of beeswax. This instrument is made in Indonesia and imported to the USA. It weighs 3.4 pounds, and is five inches around. It has a slightly curved design, giving it a more authentic look.

Solid Wood Didgeridoo, Key of C-E with hand painted lizard

This is a higher quality instrument didgeridoos to buy than most, and sells for about $100. It is hand crafted, made of solid hardwood. It has a hand dipped beeswax mouthpiece that can be adjusted to fit your needs, and that can affect the sound as well.

This one is 52 inches long, and two inches around at one end, and six inches at the other end. It has artwork painted on in the middle of the instrument, with each end having the solid wood appearance. This is another one made by World Percussion, and some of the proceeds go to efforts to provide clean water in Liberia.

The best Didgeridoos to buy are┬ávery old native wind instrument that comes from the native peoples of Australia. One side benefit to this instrument is “circular breathing,” which is required. It is the practice of breathing in through the nose while blowing into the instrument at the same time.

It takes some time to learn how to do this, but doctors say it has health benefits. The practice is said to cure snoring and help with sleep problems associated with breathing.

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