Melbourne is well known for its cafes. Here are some of the best coffee shops in Melbourne Australia.

Many visitors to Australia and those that are permanent residents commit to hopping from one to another for food and namely a cup of coffee. The cafes provide a variety of food and coffee options as well as interesting décor and ambiance.

The Auction Rooms (One Of The Best Coffee Shops In Melbourne)

In North Melbourne, the Auction Rooms a large café that offers all day breakfast. You can arrive as early as 730 in the morning, and the menu items includes a choice of eggs benedict or pancakes. Yet, the Auction Rooms is known for its Brulee French Toast with a crispy pancetta. If you are looking for a bit of protein, try the pressed pork shoulder with a poached egg offered at a reasonable price.

Breakfast Thieves

A second large café to try out is the Breakfast Thieves that sells premium coffee for three and one half dollars. The coffee beans are hand roasted and quite rich. This café has huge tables that work out well for those with larger groups of friends. Most enjoy the Ms. Omega which is a citrus cured ocean trout on a toasted sour dough bun with hollandaise sauce.

Brother Baba Budan

If one is looking at running with the hip crowd, visit the Brother Baba Budan for a quick caffeine fix. This small shop is located alongside the Little Bourke Street and has a creative décor that one can purchase a multitude of beers.

Crabapple Kitchen

Mediterranean options are available at the Crabapple Kitchen. Call ahead since the menu changes often. Yet one constant at the Crabapple Kitchen is the all day long breakfast options. Shrimp and coconut curry is a favorite which is served with rice, mango salad, and cheese bread. The best seller is the crab apple slider that includes spanner crab, radish, Kewpie mayonnaise and mustard cress.

Dead Man Espresso

Heading over to the south side of Melbourne, you can try out the Dead Man Espresso. This café’s focus is on specially blended coffee by Seven Seeds. In addition, breakfast items are available such as the slow cooked pork belly bun, Deadman chicken burger, and the Toast of Vegemite each reasonably priced.

Dukes Coffee Roasters

Close by the Flinders Street Station you can stop by the Dukes Coffee Roasters at Ross House. They use different coffee makers which create options for those looking for a unique coffee. The shop is constructed using a recycled timber that creates an inviting ambience for the patrons.

Grub Food Van

If you are in a hurry, try out the Grub Food Van located in Melbourne’s Bohemian district. Artisan breads, pastries, and number of beer varieties are available at a reasonable price. One has found the van when you notice an number of bodiless dolls that make part of the 1965 retro airstream van.

Hammer and Tong 412

Those looking for differing options, try the Hammer and Tong 412. Unique items one may purchase include the salt and pepper French toast with a fried duck egg, Szechuan Lamb and Spare Ribs, and breakfast Ramen noodles, egg, bacon, and Shiitake mushroom. Yet if you are struggling making a decision, go with a soft shell crab burger on a fresh bun.

Krimper Café

Migrate a bit away from Melbourne and try the Krimper Café which is just a five minute walk from Melbourne Central. The café name is named after a famous 1950 designer and has a rustic design. The Krimpers Benedict is their specialty made with pulled smoke ham hock, poached eggs, basil pesto, greens, and a rich hollandaise sauce.

Manchester Press

Off of Rankins Lane, you can try out the Manchester Press that has breakfast, bagels, and salads. The many bagel varieties include the Texas barbeque pulled pork, toasted mixed berry bagel, and a Manchester Press sandwich bagel.

Many patrons swear by the grilled Spanish Chorizo bagel with spinach, tomato, tomato relish and Swiss cheese. An affordable rustic café in the quiet New Market area is Pepper Café. Eggs Benedict is on the menu along with a hot Tunisian Shakshuka.

Proud Marry

If one is seeking a fritter, try the Pea and Feta fritter at Proud Mary in Melbourne. The service is quite good and there is a lot of room to dine with a group of your friends. Many recommend the Ricotta hotcake or a pork belly sandwich as a lunch option.

Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee

If you are not certain what kind of coffee to choose, try the Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee in Melbourne. One will find coffee options such as the Pour Over, Flat White, Piccolo, and Cold Brew. Breakfast and lunch is available including waffles, muffins, corn beef, Jamaican chicken, and the café specialty the Double Wagyu patty burger.

St Ali Coffee Roasters

Specialty coffee can be found at Saint Ali Coffee Roasters which is housed in a warehouse nearby the South Melbourne Market. Breakfast and brunch is available yet suggest trying the Up Seven Creek without a Paddle sandwich. It is an open faced steak sandwich with smoked onion, garlic mayonnaise with baby beet and gruyere. South of Johnson, better known as SoJo, was previously a factory and now provides breakfast and lunch to its patrons. Most prefer the Zucchini and Corn Fritters made with homemade kassoundi, guacamole, sour cream, poached eggs and your choice of salmon or bacon.

Kettle Black

If you are not bothered by crowds, many flock to the Kettle Black in Melbourne. The cafe’s specialties include Benedict eggs, pork shoulder, Tataki Ocean trout, and Cape Grim beef on a bun. On the west side of Melbourne just a mile from the Southern Cross Station is the Grain Store. This café uses locally grown produce on their breakfast menu. Along with the fresh baked goods and sandwiches, one can indulge in the Polenta Corn Fritter with avocado and smashed greens, Buckwheat and Ricotta pancakes, and Elderflower watermelon.

League of Honest Coffee

Those searching for pure coffee look to the League of Honest Coffee in Melbourne. Items offered in of the best coffee shops in Melbourne, include espressos, piccolo, flat white, and magic. The brew bar offers stronger coffee such as Clover, Chemex, and a cold drip. In Saint Kilda, baked goods are for sale at the Wood Frog Bakery. The café is known for their baked loaves from a honey oat, and a 23 hour aged baguette. Yet, many go back for the pumpkin sour dough bread.

Regardless of where you head out to in Melbourne, one will find a café to their liking. Take the time to visit as many as you can to get the full Melbourne café experience and find the best coffee shops in melbourne.

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