You might know Australia as a beautiful country filled with beaches, unique wildlife, and friendly people.

But did you also know that Australia has unique and tasty cafes? Here are our top cafe in Sydney, Australia:

Top Cafe in Sydney Austalia

Sydney, Australia is filled with sweet cafes where you can grab a bite to eat, relax, and people watch.

Book Kitchen: One Of The Top Cafe In Sydney

This adorable cafe serves more than coffee with its modern organic breakfasts including home-made eggs, fruit butter, and tasty fish.

Part of the charm at Book Kitchen is that the cafe includes a bookstore making this the best location to enjoy a hearty breakfast or mid-day coffee while reading.

Located on 255 Devonshire Street in Surry Hills of Sydney, this cafe is our top choice for locals and tourists who want a peaceful and lit-filled cafe stop.

Toby’s Estate: Another Top Cafe in Sydney

This cafe is next on our list because of its ideal location, right across from Harbour Bridge. Located at 129 Cathedral Street in Woolloomooloo, Sydney, this cafe is near the Harbour Tunnel. The sandwiches here are delicious and the speciality coffee is fantastic.

Toby’s Estate is also run by Toby Smith, a fantastic artisan who left the world of lawyers to open his own cafe and coffee shop in order to make a difference in communities around the world.

When you buy specialty coffee from Toby’s Estate coffee, you help support people around the world.

Vella Nero Shop

Looking for something quaint and family-owned? The Vella Nero Shop on Clarence St. in Sydney is run by a small family, which gives the shop a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

This is also a great location to pick up your own coffee products since the store stocks brewing equipment and coffee machines. Established in 2007, this is one of the newer cafe shops that we recommend in Sydney.

Piccolo Bar Cafe

Need alcohol in addition to your coffee? Want to dine in a cafe frequented by celebrities? Choose the Piccolo Bar Cafe in King’s Cross for a delicious Italian dish or gently brewed coffee. The cafe is also well known as a hub for artists and musicians who appreciate the locally owned family cafe and its honest owner, Vittorio.

Interested in learning more about the area? Check out the Piccolo Tales, which is a theatrical intimate experience for ten patrons inside the Piccolo Bar Cafe at various times throughout the year.

Yellow Bistro

If your sense of style involves Birkenstocks,flowy dresses, or man capris then this is the cafe for you. Known for its bohemian gypsy flare, Yellow Bistro is an upscale cafe set in Potts Point, Australia.

The decor is decidedly artsy and the vibe is whimsical. Another fun fact about the Yellow Bistro? It was a 1950’s art gallery before it was converted into a cafe. And yes, it is yellow.

Single Origin Roasters

If you love the smell of coffee roasting, run to Single Origin Roasters in Surry Hill, Sydney, Australia. This cafe is located on a bustling street and is well known for its delicious roasted coffee.

The roasting process takes place, in part, at the cafe and the aroma is heavenly. The interior is filled with unique decor choices though seating can be a bit sparse.

The Tiger Mottle: Cozy Top Cafe in Sydney

Looking for something cozy indoors yet breezy outdoors? Tiger Mottle is your place. Inside, the Tiger Mottle delights with a gorgeous fireplace while the outdoor terrace is usually filled with a beautiful breeze.

The cafe serves delicious coffee as well as sandwiches and its popular burgers. Another great reason to dine at the Tiger Mottle? The ratings for this cafe are high but the prices are surprisingly affordable. Located in Paddington, the shop is relatively new and opened in 2008.

Cafe Sydney

This cafe overlooks the Sydney, Australia harbor from a rooftop and offers uninterrupted harbor views. In addition to serving coffee, the cafe serves modern Australian food as well as select cocktails.

The atmosphere itself is grand and has a fun vibe that is enhanced by its friendly waitstaff. The multi-level building feels spacious yet roomy at the same time.

Cafe Sydney is considered one of the finest modern restaurants in Sydney so this cafe is perfect for those who wish to eat a satisfying meal with their coffee. It is also a perfect establishment for people who want to enjoy the beauty of the Sydney harbor while dining.

Kikko Cafe

This cafe has a little something for everyone and is located in the central business district of Sydney. Naturally, this means that the Kikko is a favorite among business workers. The area is a little loud for relaxation, but the coffee is fantastic and the breakfast choices include delicious procuitto as well as cakes.

The atmosphere is worldly and collegiate with large round archways and a friendly atmosphere. The Kikko Cafe is also located near dozens of shops, which makes it a great place to pop in before or after a day of shopping.

Maximus Cafe

If you are looking for a unique cafe vibe, Maximus Cafe on Martin Place in Sydney might be the perfect top cafe in sydney for you. This cafe is known for its stately shop with tall ceilings, gorgeous tiles, and unique metal frame designs in the doorway.

The coffee is excellent and are all organic as well as fair trade. The owners have committed to keeping their drinks affordable as well so adding a desert to your order won’t break the bank.

Next time you are in the land down under, try visiting any of these ten top coffee shop in sydney to meet your coffee needs.

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