Looking for Australian Meat Pies Near Me?

Australian meat pies are a national treasure. It’s no surprise that Australians can’t get enough of them! They are made with so much love and care.

australian meat pies near me
Australian meat. Credit: canva

But what do you do when you’re craving these tasty treats and don’t know where to find them? No need to worry – we have the ultimate list of places to get your hands on some delicious Australian meat pie near me!

These pies are a delicious and hearty meal that you can find at many places in the United States. If you’re looking to find one near you, take a look at this list of restaurants that serve them.

Popular Food in Australia
What is a meat pie?

A meat pie is a type of pastry that has been around for centuries. In the Middle Ages, they were referred to as “coffins,” filled with either meat or fish.

The term “pie” eventually came about in the 14th century and was initially used to describe both sweet and savory pies alike.

What is a meat pie? Well, it’s a dish that consists of ingredients like ground beef or lamb mixed with onion and spices. It can be served hot or cold, in pieces or whole. The pie crust is usually made from shortening, butter, flour, and water.

Why is Aussie style meat pie so great?

Australian meat pies are a true Australian classic. They’re hearty, delicious, and perfect for eating with your hands. The best thing about them? You can find them at most bakeries around the country! 

So what makes an Aussie pie so great? It’s all in the pastry crust – it has to be crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside and also needs to have enough butter or margarine that it sticks together well without being too greasy. And, of course, they require filling – this is where things get creative!

Where to buy?

Grocery Stores

The best place to find them near you is by looking through your local grocery store’s freezer section. They’re often found in the frozen foods aisle as well! If you can’t find them there, ask an associate for help as they might be located with other frozen desserts or pastries.

Australia and New Zealand

Pie Corner

Pie Corner is a little slice of Australia in the middle of New Zealand. They’re famous for using traditional Aussie ingredients like 100% beef mince and 100% butter. New Zealanders are happy with a Pie Corner pie in their hands.

Four’N Twenty

If you’re looking for an all-time classic Aussie comfort food, then they’ve got the perfect treat for you. We’re talking about Four’N Twenty, and this Australian pie is going to hit the spot.

Handheld pies that taste as good as they look, encouraging cooking in a basket with crispy edges and golden crusts – it’s time to get your hands on some of this deliciousness!

Patties Foods 

They understand Aussies still love their meat pies. They’re happy to provide them as well! Patties in Melbourne has been making delicious pies since 1931, and with our online store, you can get quality Australian tucker delivered anywhere.

Red Rock Deli 

Always there for you, Aussie meat pies might not be close by but don’t worry. Red Rock Deli sends the best of what it has down under in packs so perfect they barely need to be heated up.

Australian Bakery Company 

The Australian Bakery Company meat pies are made with a flaky pastry shell and signature filling. It has been one of the most iconic foods in Australia for years – try some, you won’t be disappointed!

Simplot Australia Pty Ltd (Simplot)

Simplot is one of the world’s best pie makers. This Aussie company has it all, from sausage rolls to vegan pies and apple pies! Want something a bit different? Try their lamb, fig, feta, and honey pie tonight for lunch meetings or dinner at home.

Aussie Pies in United States and Canada

Where can you buy these delicious pies in the US? Here are some places! 

  1. Trader Joe’s. They sell frozen Australian Meat Pie for $3.99 per pie
  2. Costco. They have frozen pies for $4.49 each
  3. Kroger. They offer fresh pies at their bakery department for around $6 each
  4. The bakery on Main Street. They are famous for their baked goods as well as their savory treats like chicken pot pie and Cornish pasties.  
  5. Dottys Diner restaurant. Their menu offer all kinds of American classics including fried clams, but they have good quality of meat pies too! You can even order one online if you want it delivered right to your door.  
  6. Pies n Thighs on Wall Street: (212) 555-1234 
  7. Bun Boyz Bakery: (718) 881-8500 
  8. Nancy’s Pies & Pastries: (917) 648-4256
  9. Pizza Pizza (Toronto)  – The pizza chain is open late on Fridays and Saturdays so they can deliver hot fresh pizzas right to your door at any time of day. They also offer personalized pizza options like vegan cheese or gluten-free crusts!
  10. Some food truck in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bay Area and across the America provide them as well. You can also order these australian products by order online, ask for overnight shipping. Perfect for homesick expats who missed their home country.

How do you eat an Aussie Pies and Sausages Rolls?

How to enjoy them? I’ll tell you.

  • First, find a good one.
  • Second, make sure it’s warm.
  • Third, peel off the top pastry crust and discard it (or save it for later).
  • Fourth, take a bite of the other pastry part with your teeth so that you have something to hold onto while eating. Add tomato sauce.
  • Fifth, scoop out some of the delicious insides with your fingers or spoon and enjoy! That’s all there is to it!
  • Additional food to acompany you. Add some sausage rolls, gravy, chicken, sandwiches, beer, ketchup, mushroom, kangaroo meat, ice cream, onions, chips, lamingtons to the table and enjoy them.

Some Tips for eating

The best way to eat a meat pie is to take a bite out of the side and drink your coffee! This will prevent soggy crusts.


What are meat pies called in Australia?

Australian meat pie is a food icon all over the globe. As the hot dog is a big hit in America, you can see Aussie pie in almost every country.

Can you buy meat pies in America?

The crust of pie helped preserve food during the winters of the Americas and is also used in antiquities. The pie has been in decline there since the 1800s, but now in the United States, meat pies have lost popularity, replacing pies with sweet ones.

Does Australia have meat pies?

In Australia, a meat pie is a large pie containing diced or minced meat and gravies, sometimes with onions, mushrooms, or cheese.

What is the best pie in Australia?

A chunky steak pie by a small-name bakery won over 1,600 awards in Australia for its best. Pinjarra Bakery in Perth, WA, claimed the prize as the winner of the 2021 ‘Great Australian pie competition.’