21++ Romantic Things To Do in the Blue Mountains

Are you looking for the perfect romantic getaway? Do you want to create some unforgettable memories with your significant other?

With endless romantic activities and breathtaking scenery, Blue Mountains in Australia is a top destination for couples seeking a quiet and peaceful trip away together. Whether its strolling down an enchanting bushwalk or riding the scenic railway – this unique Australian mountain range provides something that will keep the two of you entertained.

In this blog post, we will share 21++ ideas of romantic things to do in this special place – so don’t forget to pack your adventurous attitude and most importantly, your sense of fun because adventure awaits!

Here are 20 Date Ideas in the Blue Mountains (New South Wales, Australia).

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Explore the trails

Exploring Blue Mountain’s hiking trails is a great way to take a break from city life. With stunning city views, you’ll be glad you took the time to experience it.

Even if you’re both keen hikers, this is a great first date idea because you will get to know each other better and have something fun to talk about the entire weekend, about each time you go hiking together.

blue mountain date ideas - hiking trail
Hiking trails at Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, Australia. Credit: canva

Take a spin along the river.

Its accessible and flat trail is perfect for beginners and experienced cyclists. A fun idea for those who love bikes is to do a tandem ride. It’s an excellent way to get to know each other and save money on parking fees.

Visit the lookout

Another fun activity is taking a scenic drive along the mountains and going to a lookout point. This is a great place to take pictures and enjoy the scenery with your date. You can even pack a lunch and picnic at one of the many lookouts in Blue Mountains National Parks.

Blue Mountains National Park Lookout. Credit: canva

Go camping

Make sure you get a campfire and sit around it with a cup of hot chocolate. You can even roast marshmallows over the fire and make s’mores.

Then, after dinner, watch the stars while listening to beautiful music on your iPod. When it’s dark, sharing a kiss under the moon is an experience that will remain with you for a lifetime.

Have a picnic

A romantic picnic is perfect for spending your day in Blue Mountain. You can go to any one of the many picnic spots. Whether you want to have your picnic by the river or in the middle of a mountain, it will be an experience that you both will cherish for a while.

The Beautiful View. Credit: canva

Go on a helicopter tour ride

Blue Mountain offers many different options when it comes to aerial adventure. You don’t have to be afraid of heights since helicopters are safe. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to bond with your date.

Enjoy the fantastic views while you’re flying together and reminisce about better times. When you land back home, tell each other how much fun you had on the date.

Go for a drive in the blue mountains.

Drive your way along the breathtaking scenic trails and go to the lookout. You can even take a selfie with the scenery as a backdrop.

Go fishing in the blue mountains national park.

An exciting date idea is to go fishing together. Please ensure you have something handy to clean any fish you catch so you can have it for dinner later. It’s a great way to spend time outdoors while learning something new.

Three Sisters at Dawn. Credit: canva

Watch the sunset at Three Sisters

Whether watching the sunset or being up for an adventure, it’s a perfect day to take your loved one. A stunning view awaits you! Make sure you pack some snacks and drinks because you’ll want to spend as much time there as possible.

Go white water rafting.

If you and your date want to try something new and exciting, it’s time for white water rafting. You’ll experience a new kind of fun and excitement while relaxing in the hot tub afterward.

Go shopping at the markets.

The vibrant markets of Blue Mountain are a great place to do some shopping and spend time together with your date. You’ll be able to pick up some souvenirs and relive memories of your time together in Blue Mountain.

Mt Tomah Botanic Garden. Credit: canva

Visit Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

The gorgeous blue mountains botanic garden on mount Tomah is considered the only botanic garden worldwide included in UNESCO World Heritage Areas. This isn’t the only reason it’s so unique, as it is filled with beautiful natural and exotic plants that make it an enjoyable, relaxing, and colorful destination.

The garden spans over 250 hectares, meaning the place does not seem overwhelming and always has something to explore. Insider tip: There are daily guided walks around the garden.

Scenic World Cableway in Katoomba. Credit: canva

Take a ride at Scenic World

If there are few days or mobility constraints, the Scenic World offers a beautiful way to experience the blue mountain scenery. It offers three uniquely designed rides to help you discover and enjoy Australian culture.

There is a beautiful skyway and an impressive sky railway, and the cable car offers spectacular views. Scenic railways have some of the highest elevations on earth and are a fantastic adventure.

The three are combined to create the rainforest boardwalk between cable cars and railways, offering a complete scenery experience.

The famous Sublime Point Lookout. Credit: canva

Marvel at the view at Sublime Point Lookout

Like the name says, the sublime point has breathtaking aspects to it. After descending a relatively steep staircase, you have a spectacular view of Jamison Valley and the three sisters. This is another fantastic view.

Honeymoon lookout has a lovely location nearby, making it perfect for a picnic.

High Tea at the historic Hydro Majestic Wintergarden Restaurant

Spend an afternoon looking through one another’s eyes and seeing the panorama over the Megalong Valley. Yes. The Hydro Majestic is the most famous historic hotel in Australia. It’s also renowned for its incredible views of the Blue Mountains.

Relax and enjoy a luxurious chair at an elegant triple-tiered table with a refreshing glass of sparkling wine. The fireplace provides warmth during the winter and fall. The rooms at the hotel offer a tastefully decorated art-deco vibe that allows the guests to enjoy romance until the end of the night.

Katoomba Falls. Credit: canva

Snap a picture at Katoomba Falls

Many people have claimed to have found Katoomba Falls a beautiful place to visit – and they’ll be ok! The dramatic fall sees water drop down the rocks and tumble into an isolated rocky channel into Jamison Valley.

You can see this incredible place through a trail starting from Scenic World. This trail spans two kilometers with some steep sections. For longer walks, begin from the Katoomba Falls kiosks. From this point, it’s only 450m away for views.

Snag a bargain at a vintage shop

In the Blue Mountains, several hotspots will satisfy any of your buying needs. Cats Meow contains semi-abstract paintings, crafts, furniture, and items found in any collection.

There’s the Leura Toyshop and the famously antiquated Candy Shop, where rows of sacrificially transparent containers filled with traditional candy, licorice, and chocolate provide a steady supply of satisfied customers.

Leuralla, a bright white 19th-century house surrounded by gardens with views of the Jamison Valley, is packed with great toys of the twentieth century.

Romantic Things To Do in the Blue Mountains: Drinking

Make your friendship soaring through some of the Blue Mountains’ finest bars and restaurants. This location is perfect for relaxing weekend getaways to Blue Mountain, from champagne cocktails to cellar doors.

Romantic and comfortable, head into Lilianfel Lounge to enjoy a glass of French Champagne or open a bottle of Australian wine. Enjoy spectacular views across a wide range of landscaped areas. Sip at our stylish mahogany bars or enjoy a cozy fireplace on our comfortable couches. The bar’s cocktail menu includes romantic drinks containing vodka and hazelnut liquor.

Have tea at Bygone Beautys Tearooms

The Bygone Beautys in Leura offers you lots of teacups. The company specializes in beautiful high tea rooms containing a cake stand and various alcoholic sweets and savory desserts.

You can enjoy it with a professional waiter in top hats and headbands.

Picnic at Leura Cascades

Leura Cascades is not as dramatic in elevation and verticality as Wentworth Falls, but they are no less magical.

The water flows over several layers of rocky surfaces and gives a stunning view – a sound effect. The surrounding areas are also spectacular, with many short walks that suit visitors of every age.

Wentworth Falls. Credit: canva

Hike to Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls is a village, but its greatest attraction is a spectacular waterfall known as Wentworth Falls. This hike is short but steep and very rewarding for its beauty. This produces striking beauty and delights tourists for years; it’s a great place to stay.

Tackle the Giant Stairway

Be prepared to let out some fresh air on this fantastic walk. And not just due to its steepness! No gasp is likely because of the spectacular view you are experiencing in the valley of the Jamison along the Giant staircase.

Find your Zen at the Japanese Bath House

It’s impossible to resist a loving relationship to enjoy such a spectacular Japanese bathhouse. Known locally as ‘sparse,’ it will take you there if you want some rest in the mountains.

Visitors should surrender to nature’s beauty and enjoy the quiet opportunities offered. The private and public onsen are integral to Japan’s bathing culture.

Eat in Romantic Blue Mountains

From rustic or romantic meals to High Tea and fine dining, there is a fantastic variety of date nights visiting the Blue Mountains. Bring old-world love into Wintergarden at Hydro Majestic. It was a former teahouse that was famous for its famous high tea.

Explore Campbell Rhododendron Garden

Campbell Rhododendron Garden is tucked behind Blackheath and is a gem. The magnificent rhododendron is not surprising, but this garden is filled with colorful plants like azaleas and lilac. The colors are vibrant, and you will grumble when you enter the world and marvel at everything.

Indulge in Hydro Majestic Hotel

Hydro Majestic Art Deco is an undisputed favorite Australian hotel and arguably one of the best places to visit in the blue mountains. It is famed for its mix of Art Deco to Edwardian architecture. The hotel offers a unique view in an idyllic setting.

Shop for your next outdoor adventure

In Katoomba, the outdoor store Paddy Pallin offers a great place to get some help. Few people understand outdoor adventures and the Blue Mountains, and the staff at this site with a passion for the area.

They will talk about your plans and give local advice to make it an enjoyable adventure. Insider tip: Do not feel embarrassed chatting about how you plan to visit Katoomba. Aussies enjoy talking, and they enjoy having friends.

Visit Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

It’s easy to see why the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre should be an outstanding location. The art tradition in every way is continuing.

You can visit upcoming special performances, workshops, or exhibitions or see the show available daily. This ranges in form from astrophotography to indigenous arts and changes often. This workshop is highly entertaining, and beginners are welcome.

Spend a night at Wolgan Valley

The property is considered a luxury hotel located in Wolgan Valley on hidden gems and private acres of rugged, quiet bushland that runs across the Wolgan River. All freestanding villas have an outdoor pool, fireplace, and verandas.

Art and history collide at Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum

Norman Lindsay’s work was considered “blasphemous” due to his unique paintings and bohemian lifestyle. That’s the key reason for an exciting trip to the Norman Lindsay museum. You can read all the facts about him and see his work making him an Australian artist.

Visit the Three Sisters and learn about the legend

The most recognizable sight in the mountains is The Three Sisters in Echo Point, Katoomba. These sandstones are thousand years old.

It’s easy to get in. You can see them above at Echo Point or use a paved walking route to see them differently. Floodlighting gives rock formations an entirely different look, and with daytrippers back to Sydney can often be private viewings.

Tips for insiders: View the sisters from the rear without crowds by visiting Eagle Hawk watch out.

Visit Everglades Historic House and Garden

Everglades offers a unique fusion of European design and Australia’s bushland. It features beautifully maintained gardens that are filled with local and imported plants.

During the seasons, the gardens change but are beautiful during the year.

Catch a movie at the Mount Victoria Cinema

Drop blockbuster movie experiences in a more cozy cinema in Mount Melbourne. People built the historical icon to glimpse Australia’s golden era of cinema country picture.

Its films include films from Australia and abroad, such as arthouse children’s films, new films, and classic films.

Do some cider tasting.

Bilpin – formerly called The Land of the Mountain Apples – has great fresh cider and other goods accessible to anyone who likes a stroll.

Discover street art in Katoomba

You’d probably see some colorful murals in Katoomba before you leave. The beauty and detail blow you off in these works, and some Katokoomba buildings are the canvas for the paintings. Several paintings are part of Street ArtWalk, which people started beautifying city streets.

Be inspired at Govetts Leap.

One of Blue Mountain’s most beautiful views is Govett’s Leap, offering stunning area views.

You’re able to hear the calls of the resident birds or breath the fresh mountain air. This is a truly magical view that you can reach easily by going to nearby car parks, which are easily accessible.

Get some retail therapy at Leura Village.

Leura is one of the most scenic villages in the Blue Mountains. These shops are pretty good for escaping nature to spend some time! The village serves creatives and is home to many folk arts and musicians.

Go for drinks at Aunty Ed’s in Katoomba.

Aunty’s is a relatively new retro-themed restaurant you should see when visiting the Blue Mountains.


The Blue Mountain Day Spa treatments have many packages: the Volcanic Stone Ritual, the Gentleman’s Oasis, and Inner Beauty Retreat.

South Bowenfels

To impress someone with your romantic trip to Sydney, you must visit Sparadise Japanese Bathhouse in the Blue Mountains. There are five outdoor swimming pools.

Mount Wilson

Although Breenhold Gardens is only open for a few weeks between Spring and Fall, the gardens are stunning. Take time to explore these extensive gardens.


A fantastic way to explore the Blue Mountains is hiking on Hanging Rock and Baltzer Lookout.

Spend the afternoon at Blackheath Lookout

Blackheath Lookout is considered a good lookout point in all Blue Mountains terrain. It’s recommended that you go at sunset for a romantic getaway.

Wentworth Falls

The descent into Wentworth Falls is one of the best hikes in the Blue Mountains. There are many steps to take, but the walk is stunning for your romantic weekend.

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Is Blue Mountain Free?

Yes, Blue Mountain is free. There are no charges for using the site.

You may need to pay for some of the activities, such as skiing or snowboarding, but there is no charge for using the site itself.

What is the Best Time to Visit the Blue Mountains?

The best time to visit the Blue Mountains is in the summer when the weather is warm and there are fewer crowds. However, the mountains are beautiful year-round, so you can visit anytime.

Why is It Called Blue Mountain?

There are eucalyptus and gum forests in the region. The hills, mountains, valleys, canyons, and plateaus were covered by all four types of eucalyptus trees.

The forests in the Blue Mountains region appear blue when viewed from a distance, hence the name.

What Animals Live in the Blue Mountains?

There are many animals that live in the Blue Mountains, including:

  • Bats
  • Birds
  • Wallabies
  • Echidnas
  • Koalas

What is The Story of the Three Sisters?

The Three Sisters is a rock formation in the Blue Mountains that is significant to the Aboriginal people of the area.

The story goes that three sisters, Meehni, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo were turned to stone by a witch doctor to protect them from evil spirits.

Why Blue Mountain Coffee is so Expensive?

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is among the most expensive coffees in the world.

The coffee has a unique flavor that is caused by the combination of the soil, climate, and elevation where the beans are grown.

Only a small amount of coffee is produced each year, which contributes to its high price.

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