Best Halal Brunch Melbourne: Top 11 Halal Cafe to Enjoy

The coffee culture in Melbourne is one of the most popular and well-known aspects of Australian life. So it’s not surprising that many Muslims travel to Melbourne for its beautiful beaches, great shopping, and delicious food.

Are you looking for fantastic cafes to find an enjoyable halal brunch in Melbourne? First, you should know that Muslim travelers tend to be very particular about what they eat. Therefore, halal food and drinks are a must. Below are eleven cafes in Melbourne where Muslims can enjoy halal brunch on weekends or during the week.

halal brunch melbourne

Melbourne – A Great Place to Brunch

Melbourne is a beautiful city in Australia. One of the best things about Melbourne is its food culture, which reflects its diverse population.

The city has over 50 cafes, so it’s easy to find one that suits your tastes. This includes brunch spots that serve up everything from pancakes to sushi.

You can enjoy brunch in Melbourne at any time of the day. But some popular places serve it during specific hours. Popular times for brunch include Sunday mornings and Saturday afternoons.

Halal Brunch in Melbourne

Halal food is a type of food that adheres to Islamic dietary guidelines. Halal means lawful or permitted in Arabic, and it refers specifically to what is allowed by Islam. For example, Muslims are prohibited from eating pork or drinking alcohol, but they also have specific restrictions on beef consumption.

These days there are plenty of cafes in Melbourne that serve halal dishes. You can find halal food in many cafes and restaurants in Melbourne, but you may not know it because they don’t have a sign that says “halal.”

Disclaimer, people! Please note that not all of the venues listed serve entirely Halal menus, and many also serve alcohol.  So do double-check with them on their halal status, and please dine at your discretion.

The majority of the cafes in Melbourne are not halal-certified, but they do offer Muslim-friendly options such as vegan, vegetarian, and seafood dishes.

Top 11 Amazing Cafes for Enjoyable Halal Brunch Melbourne

halal brunch melbourne
Smoothie Bowl. Credit: canva

Matcha Mylkbar (Fully Vegan)

Matcha Mylkbar is a unique vegan restaurant. They only serve a plant-based menu. So if you are looking for halal food, it is safe to dine in here.

  • Address: 72A Acland St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Opening hours: 8am – 3pm
  • Menu: Plant-based Pancakes, Smashed Avocados, Smoothies, and Chicken Popcorn Tray (note: not real chicken, just mixed of many plant-based ingredients)
  • Website:


“Plant based food which is slightly expensive but good quality. Some portions can be small. An extensive range of coffee which is rare and can’t be seen in other cafes” (Google Review)

The Foreigner

The Foreigner is a halal cafe in Ivanhoe, a suburb in the north of Melbourne.

  • Address: 31 Ivanhoe Parade, Ivanhoe VIC 3079, Australia
  • Price range:
  • Opening hours: Monday – Friday (7.30am – 3pm), Saturday – Sunday (8am – 3pm)
  • Menu: Coffee, Chicken Burger, Burrito, Falafel, Smoothie Bowl, Coconut Porridge
  • Website:


“Love this cafe! Super welcoming and really high quality products, we went there a couple weeks ago, as part of a gathering and the staff were amazing, on top of all our needs as well as attending other customers. They recommended the Made in Japan, and boy was it amazing! So filling, fresh and tasty, wow! 10/10, thanks team! ♡” (Google Review)

Halloumi Cheese. Credit: canva


Zaatar is a halal Middle Eastern comfort dishes, share plates & pastries presented in a vibrant family-owned cafe. The restaurant is located in the famous Coburg area.

  • Address: 365 Sydney Rd, Coburg VIC 3058, Australia
  • Price range: $
  • Opening hours: 7am – 6pm
  • Menu: Pizza, Mezza, Haloumi, Kafta, Kaak (Lebanese Bagel), and A variety of Pie
  • Website:


“My go-to absolute favourite middle eastern brunch spot. Their cheese pies are the bomb, as is their big breakfast. Also really good coffee.” (Google Review)

Northern Perk Cafe

Northern Perk Cafe is a halal cafe that serves Australian food. Their specialties are food towers, such as burgers, breakfast, brunch, and Smoothies.

  • Address: 710 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Opening hours: 7am – 3pm
  • Menu: Breakfast/ Brunch/ Lunch Tower (includes eggs your way per person, beef rashers, sujuk, beef sausages, smashed avo, halloumi, and all the usual sides), Sandwiches
  • Website:


“Brunch tower looks very appealing and tasted great but took about an hour, so be prepared to wait. Might have been an unusually busy weekend so will definately come back and try again another time.

Staff were very friendly and overall vibe was good.” (Google Review)

Koy Restaurant

Koy Restaurant is a halal traditional Turkish restaurant. It is located in the South Melbourne Market area, near Yarra River. They serve brunch, lunch, dinner, and late dinner.

  • Address: South Melbourne Market, 98/116-136 Cecil St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Opening hours: Monday – Wednesday – Friday (10am – 3pm), Tuesday & Thursday (closed), Saturday & Sunday (7.30am – 3.30pm)
  • Menu: Gozleme, Mezza,
  • Website:


“Wonderful Turkish food at South Melbourne Market. The gozlemes from the outside area are great for takeaway and breakfast whilst the main meals from inside are equally tasty. The Turkish coffee is well presented and comes with a piece of Turkish delight.” (Google Review)

Burrito. Credit: canva

The Nicholson Coffee House

Nicholson Coffee is a small cafe in Coburg, near Melbourne, that claims to serve halal food. It was established in 2019, so it is relatively new. However, they have many great reviews, so it is worth trying. They provide breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

  • Address: 6/14-20 Nicholson St, Coburg VIC 3058, Australia
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Opening hours: 7am – 4pm
  • Menu: Coffee, Shawarma, Sandwiches, Burrito, Mujadara, Salads
  • Website:


“I’ve seen at the café several times.

Food is delicious, HALAL, generous portions!

Very friendly staff, quick to attend to customers.

Nice interior, great music that’s is not overwhelming for a cafe.

Great place!” (Google Review)

Göz City

Goz City is a halal food place in Melbourne that specializes in Turkish cuisine, especially Gozleme. It is located in the Melbourne CBD area, near SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium.

  • Address: 502 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
  • Price range: $
  • Opening hours: Monday – Friday (8am – 3pm), Saturday – Sunday (closed)
  • Menu: A variety of Gozleme, Borek Fingers, and Pide, and definitely Falafel
  • Website:


“Just absolutely fell in love with the layout and ambience of this place since the first time I set foot here. Had my brunch here three times during my short stay of 9 days. Food was excellent and the service crew exceeded my expectations. Thank you!! Can’t wait to be back!” (Tripadvisor Review)

Hummus. Credit: canva

Hyde n Seek Cafe

Hyde n Seek Cafe is a local halal café that serves Moroccan and Turkish food. This café is a little out of central Melbourne, but it’s worth heading to, though. They serve breakfast, brunch, and lunch. No pork or alcohol is served here.

  • Address: 6 Yertchuk Ave, Ashwood VIC 3147, Australia
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Opening hours: Monday – Friday (7am – 3.30pm), Saturday – Sunday (8am – 3pm)
  • Menu: Coffee, Juices and Smoothies, Milkshakes, Burgers, Moroccan Egg, Hummus.
  • Website:


“Amazing food and service

A great place to visit, kids loved the Oreo milkshake, burgers were amazing, menu was healthy and varied, nice and funky with very lovely helpful staff. Gorgeous coffee too.” (Tripadvisor Review)

Gozleme Turkish Cafe

Gozleme Turkish Cafe is a halal cafe that is located in the Queen Victoria Market Melbourne. They specialize in Turkish food, especially gozleme.

  • Address: Queen Victoria Market, F 22, Peel St Queen Victoria Market, Peel St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
  • Price range: $
  • Opening hours: Monday & Wednesday (closed), Tuesday – Thursday – Friday (7am – 3pm), Saturday & Sunday (7am – 4pm)
  • Menu: A variety of Gozleme, and Coffee
  • Website:


“This has the best gozleme in Queen Victoria Market hands down. Freshly cooked upon ordering. Prompt and friendly service. Can get a bit busy on Sundays. There are a limited number tables out the front which are lovely to dine at and watch the world go by on a lazy weekend. Squeeze lemon over the gozleme lightly to enhance the flavour! ????” (Google Review)

La Casa Pizza & Pasta

La Casa Pizza & Pasta is a halal pizza place in Melbourne. Some people even consider it to be the best halal pizza in Melbourne.

  • Address: 59 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia
  • Price range: $
  • Opening hours: 10am – 12am
  • Menu: Pizza, Pasta
  • Website:


“Can food be cheap and good? In this place yes! Awesome pizzas. Their small size pizzas can be enough for 2 people. A variety of pizzas are available. The people working there are awesome as well! My only regret? I wish i found this place when I was in Melbourne on Day 1. Only found out about this place on my last day in Melbourne.” (Google Review)

Pizza. Credit: canva

Chorba Cafe

Chorba is a halal Turkish cafe that is located in the Coburg area, near Melbourne.

  • Address: 11 Victoria St, Coburg VIC 3058, Australia
  • Price range: $
  • Opening hours: 9am – 4pm
  • Menu: Shakshouka, Lentil Soup, Falafel, Kofte
  • Website:


“Turkish cafe has excellent food, friendly service
Chorba Cafe serves traditional home-made Turkish food, with a modern twist. The Shakshouka is an oven-baked dish made of poached egg, with cheese, tomato, peppers and onions. The vegetarian meal (which is a big dish) is very well presented. It consists of Turkish felafel, vegetarian kofte, served with Turkish bread, two dips and garden salad. It’s very appetizing, even if you are not a vegetarian. The service is very friendly. This gem is in the heart of Coburg, just down from the library.”
(Tripadvisor Review)

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