How Much Is A Peck Of Tomatoes? [FAQs]

Have you ever heard the phrase “a peck of tomatoes” and wondered how much that actually is? It is an old-fashioned term that has been used for centuries but can still be confusing to modern-day cooks.

How Much is a Peck of Tomatoes?

To help demystify this phrase, we’ll explore what a peck of tomatoes is and how to measure it accurately.

What Is A Peck?

A peck is an old-fashioned unit of measurement. It’s equivalent to two dry gallons, meaning quarts or 16 dry pints. To put it in more practical terms, a peck holds about 10-12 pounds of potatoes, apples, or 8 pounds of onions.

How Much Is A Peck Of Tomatoes?

A peck of tomato usually weighs between 5-6 pounds and contains about 30 medium-sized tomatoes. The exact amount can vary depending on the size and variety of tomatoes being measured. For example, Roma tomatoes are usually smaller than beefsteak tomatoes, so that a peck would contain more Roma tomatoes than beefsteaks.

Measuring A Peck Of Tomatoes

If you’re trying to measure out a peck of tomatoes yourself, the best way to do it is instead of weight. Remember that the actual weight may vary depending on the size and variety of tomatoes you use! Fill up a container that holds two gallons with your desired type and quantity of tomato, and you’ll have a rough estimate for your peck measurement.

Now that you know what a peck is and how much it weighs, it should be easy to measure your peck of tomatoes! Whether you’re cooking for a family dinner or preserving them for later use, knowing how much a peck contains will help make sure that you always have enough delicious tomatoes on hand! So go ahead – get out there and enjoy some fresh produce!


How many tomatoes are in a peck of tomatoes?

A peck of tomatoes usually contains between 8 to 10 lbs of fresh tomatoes or around 20-25 medium-sized tomatoes.

What is the equivalent size to a peck of tomatoes?

A peck of tomatoes is roughly equivalent to 2 gallons of liquid or four dry quarts. It is considered the same as four and one-half liters, or eight pounds.

Are there any health benefits from eating a peck of tomatoes?

Absolutely! Tomatoes are an incredibly healthy food choice since they are low in calories, fat, and sodium yet high in vitamins A and C and other essential minerals. Eating a typical-sized peck of tomato will provide you with over 20% of your daily requirements for vitamin C and 15% for vitamin A – all without consuming excess calories!

Is it cost-effective to buy a peck of tomatoes versus buying them individually?

Generally speaking, yes! Buying fresh produce in bulk tends to be significantly cheaper than purchasing individual items. Depending on the specific type of tomato you purchase and where you live, it’s likely that buying a peck will be more cost-effective than purchasing individual items.

Is it possible to store a whole peck of tomatoes for later use?

Yes! Tomatoes can easily keep for up to two weeks if stored properly – either sliced or chopped into small pieces before storing them in an airtight container. If you’re looking for something longer term than two weeks, consider freezing your peck – this way, you’ll still get the nutrient benefits but can enjoy your harvest year-round!

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