Itinerary Philippines 10 Days: Explore The Best Of The Country [FAQs]

Itinerary Philippines 10 Days

Are you planning a trip to the Philippines and wondering how to make the most out of your 10-day itinerary? Look no further as we’ve got you covered! The Philippines boasts of stunning beaches, rich cultural heritage, and exciting adventures that will make your trip unforgettable. In this article, we’ll take you through a 10-day itinerary that will cover the best of the country.

Day 1: Manila

Start your trip in the bustling capital city of Manila. Visit the historic walled city of Intramuros, which dates back to the Spanish colonial era. Take a stroll along the cobblestone streets and visit the iconic landmarks like Fort Santiago and San Agustin Church.

Day 2-3: Palawan

Palawan is a must-visit destination in the Philippines. Spend two days exploring the stunning beaches and lagoons of El Nido. Go island hopping and snorkeling in Bacuit Bay and witness the breathtaking views of the limestone cliffs and crystal clear waters. On the third day, head to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, home to the world’s longest navigable underground river.

Day 4-5: Cebu

Travel to Cebu and immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of the province. Visit the iconic Magellan’s Cross and Basilica del Santo Niño, which houses the oldest religious relic in the Philippines. Spend a day exploring the stunning beaches of Mactan Island and go snorkeling or diving in the crystal clear waters.

Day 6-7: Bohol

Take a ferry to the beautiful island of Bohol and explore its natural wonders. Visit the famous Chocolate Hills, a geological formation of over 1,000 hills that turn brown during the dry season. Go on a river cruise along the Loboc River and try some of the local delicacies while enjoying the scenic views. Spend a day exploring the beaches and marine life of Panglao Island.

Day 8-9: Siargao

Head to the surfing capital of the Philippines, Siargao Island. Spend two days surfing the famous Cloud 9 waves or taking a dip in the natural rock pools of Magpupungko Beach. Explore the island’s hidden gems like the Sugba Lagoon and the Sohoton Caves.

Day 10: Manila

End your trip in Manila and do some last-minute souvenir shopping or try some of the local street food. If you have time, visit the National Museum of the Philippines and learn more about the country’s rich history and culture.


What is the best time to visit the Philippines?

The best time to visit the Philippines is during the dry season, which runs from November to April.

Do I need a visa to visit the Philippines?

Visitors from most countries can enter the Philippines without a visa for stays of up to 30 days. Check with your embassy for specific requirements.

What is the currency of the Philippines?

The currency of the Philippines is the Philippine Peso (PHP).

Is it safe to travel to the Philippines?

The Philippines is generally a safe country to travel to. However, it’s always best to take necessary precautions and avoid areas with a high crime rate.

What are some must-try Filipino dishes?

Some must-try Filipino dishes include adobo, sinigang, lechon, and sisig.

Are there any cultural norms I should be aware of when traveling to the Philippines?

Yes, it’s important to dress modestly when visiting religious sites and remove your shoes before entering a Filipino home.

What is the transportation system like in the Philippines?

The transportation system in the Philippines can be challenging, but there are various options like taxis, buses, and jeepneys.

Can I drink tap water in the Philippines?

It’s best to drink bottled water in the Philippines to avoid any stomach issues.


The Philippines offers stunning beaches, rich cultural heritage, and exciting adventures that will make your trip unforgettable. It’s a budget-friendly destination with friendly locals and delicious food.


Make sure to pack light and wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Bring a waterproof camera to capture the stunning marine life and natural wonders. Don’t forget to try some of the local delicacies like adobo and lechon.


The Philippines is a must-visit destination for any traveler looking for a unique and unforgettable experience. With this 10-day itinerary, you’ll be able to explore the best of the country’s stunning beaches, natural wonders, and rich cultural heritage.

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