Perfect Sauces for Philly Cheesesteak [FAQs]

Are you looking for the perfect sauce to put on your Philly cheesesteak? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We know how much a great sauce can elevate this sandwich and make it even more delicious.

This article will cover five sauces that perfectly complement a Philly cheesesteak. Please keep reading to learn what they are and what makes them a fantastic condiment for this classic sandwich.

Cheez Whiz

Cheez Whiz has been a favorite of Philadelphia natives since it was first introduced in 1952, and it remains one of the best and most popular sauces for a Philly cheesesteak.

It melts quickly, making it perfect for smothering the steak slices, peppers, onions, and mushrooms that make up this delicious sandwich. Plus, it provides plenty of cheesy flavors and a creamy texture that can’t be matched.


Mayo ketchup is probably one of the oldest sauces used on Philly cheesesteaks. This combination adds incredible creaminess and sweetness to the ketchup, making it the perfect mix of flavors for this sandwich.

Plus, whatever other ingredients are used on your cheesesteak (cheese whiz, American cheese, or Provel cheese), mayo-ketchup sauce can make them all shine!

Garlic Aioli Sauce

Garlic aioli is one of those classic sauces that pair perfectly with almost any dish—including Philly cheesesteak sandwiches!

Its garlicky flavor is intense yet subtle while giving your cheesesteaks an extra layer of flavorful delight without overwhelming your taste buds. And its excellent spreadability ensures that every single bite gets some garlic goodness!

Chipotle Mayo Sauce

If you’re looking for something with more heat than just mayo-ketchup or garlic aioli, chipotle mayo should be your go-to condiment when making Philadelphia cheesesteaks!

This version combines traditional mayonnaise with spicy chipotle peppers, adding a unique smoky flavor to each mouthful and some excellent heat. The unique taste here will take your sandwich up two primary levels!

Balsamic Glaze Drizzle

Last but not least is balsamic glaze drizzle—a great addition if you want to add some tartness and an umami early kick to the famous sandwich.

You could mix this with another sauce or use it simply as a drizzling component—either way, this dark brown glaze is bound to make everyone around salivate! Be sure to serve these sandwiches warm so you can get all these delightful aromas too!

Jalapeño Ranch Dip

If you’re looking for something with more kick than cheese wi,z try this jalapeño ranch dip. And if you want an even bigger punch of heat, add some extra jalapenos to set your taste buds ablaze!

The combination of fresh cilantro, jalapenos, and ranch seasonings will make your tastebuds dance happily!

Honey Mustard Mayonnaise

Honey mustard mayo is an exciting twist on traditional mayonnaise that accompanies any savory sandwich,h like a Philly cheese steak sandwich.

It also provides an extra rich layer of creamy sweetness produced by lightly sweetened dijon mustard blended with subtle hints of honey and vinegar – all perfectly balanced when combined in this delicious condiment!

Thousand Island Dressing

Thousand Island dressing has everything you would expect in sandwiches or burgers: tartness from pickles and tomatoes, and sweetness from sugar,r adding depth to each bite.

Every piece will have intense yet complex flavors melted into each other,r providing layers of exciting experience with each bite when eating this unique steamed sandwich masterpiece!

Guldens Mustard With Ketchup

If you like spicy food, then this combo is perfect, you might think, as it combines sharp notes from Gulden’s mustard) along with sweet ketchup contrast that can’t be finessed anywhere else!

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