Toowoomba Queensland: What’s There to Do in Toowoomba

Toowoomba is a city in Queensland, Australia. It has been voted as one of the top 10 places to live in Australia for its low crime rate, beautiful weather and breath-taking scenery.

Toowoomba Queensland: What’s There to Do in Toowoomba

Toowoomba is home to several attractions including museums, galleries and gardens which are perfect for families with children who want to have an educational day out or people looking for something relaxing.

There are plenty of things you can do here from visiting gorgeous gardens like Rodeleagh House Gardens on the outskirts of town or exploring historic buildings like The Old Mill Complex that date back over 100 years ago!

What is Toowoomba Known for?


Toowoomba – a prestigious one hour drive west of Brisbane, Queensland’s second largest city.

Toowoomba is also often referred to as the Garden City due to its abundance and variety of public gardens, many with flower displays, sculptures and statues.

The botanical gardens was established in 1867 making it Australia’s second oldest garden after Sydney Bright’s Gardens in Adelaide (1842). But this isn’t the only thing that makes Toowoomba an Eden-like destination.

How far is Toowoomba from Brisbane?

Toowoomba is a city in the Australian state of Queensland. It’s about 220 km from Brisbane, and it takes approximately 3 hours to drive there by car.

Is Toowoomba a Good Place to Live?

Toowoomba is a great place to live – you can’t beat the lifestyle. It’s all about the outdoors, with beautiful natural parks and gardens everywhere you go. Even if nature isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other things to do in Toowoomba that will excite just about anyone!

15 Things to Do in Toowoomba

1. Queens Park Toowoomba

Toowoomba Queensland: What’s There to Do in Toowoomba
Flower Display in Queens Park Toowoomba.

Queens Park Toowoomba is over 110 hectares of pure green open space, with over 2 km of natural bush trails that lead to a haven of peace and tranquillity.

Toowoomba Queensland: What’s There to Do in Toowoomba
Pink and White Flower Garden in Queens Park Toowoomba. Credit: canva

Queens Park is on the edge of suburban southwest Queensland and can be found just 800 meters from Drayton West train station—the perfect spot for visitors interested in seeing all we have to offer! With plenty each year, including our Queens Park Festival – when pastries beckon your appetite – you are guaranteed an eventful day out at Queens Park Toowoomba.

2. Laurel Bank Park

Toowoomba Queensland: What’s There to Do in Toowoomba
Sweet Alyssum and Everlasting Daisies in Laurel Bank Toowoomba. Credit: canva

Laurel Bank Park is located 10km south of Toowoomba and features three soccer fields, a cricket ground and an athletics track. The skate park includes numerous challenges for all abilities.

Dozens of garden beds accommodate local wildlife with shelter, food and water. Sensory gardens highlight the beauty that can be felt cross-culturally thanks to rainforest plants including those from Asia or Africa.

3. Crowns Nest National Park

Crowns Nest National Park is a large nature park, located in the Toowoomba region, East of Brisbane.
Denied by surprise due to its elevated position on the Great Dividing Range and provides one of the most extensive views over low lands in this area.

The Crowns nest is also home to unique wildlife with interesting plants including many endangered species such as orchids and pitcher plants.

4. Preston Peak Wines

Preston Peak Wines are award-winning producers of quality wines made from New World and Old World varieties. Established in 1984, the family-owned company produces sparkling wines, white table wine, rosé as well as shiraz from grapes grown on five vineyards across Australia: Toowoomba (Queensland), Clare Valley (South Australia) and Margaret River (Western Australia).

The varieties include classic fortified French champagnes; premium Australian Sparklings; light ‘dry’ white Rhones and cooler region German Rieslings.

5. Revensbourne National Park

Revensbourne National Park is a national park in Queensland, Australia which adjoins Toowoomba. With a relatively new entrance on the Connelly Range Road off Mamre Road, this 1300 hectare national park is spectacular and becoming more well known for its sugar glazed granite boulder outcrops of the Broken River.

6. Highfields Pioneer Village

Highfields Pioneer Village Toowoomba is a living history museum situated in Queensland on the Darling Downs.

This nteractive pioneer village offers visitors an authentic insight into what life was like living and working on the land 150 years ago. The 17 character buildings portray many essential functions of rural life including farming, blacksmithing, woolsheds, school rooms etc. Set within 12 acres of rolling pastures with hay bales and windmill it provides a delightful slice of country lifestyle for everyone to enjoy.

7. Japanese Garden

japanese garden toowoomba
Japanese Garden at Toowoomba Summer. Credit: canva

Japanese Garden Toowoomba is a Japanese family-owned garden in the center of Toowoomba, Queensland. The gardens are themed on a traditional Japanese Zen Ryokan and have been designed to transcend the diverse climatic zones found within Japan.

Toowoomba Queensland: What’s There to Do in Toowoomba

This garden offers a place of serenity and peace in the heart of a bustling city. Purposed to provide spiritual healing through contemplation, with an appreciation for natural beauty. The Japanese Garden is also great for kids too – there are plenty of opportunities to explore and be active as well as encouraging stewardship amongst our youngest visitors.

Toowoomba Queensland: What’s There to Do in Toowoomba

8. Picnic Point Parklands

Toowoomba Queensland: What’s There to Do in Toowoomba
Sunrise at Picnic Point Lookout. Credit: Canva

Picnic Point Parklands are a sprawling, beautifully manicured green space rising out of the beautiful hills just thirty minutes west of Toowoomba. It is rich in history and nature and especially well-loved by herbivores!

picnic point parklands and lookout toowoomba
Sunrise at Picnic Point Lookout. Credit: Canva

Picnic Point’s family-friendly events include Free Family Fun Fridays with free games, rides, activities for kids; Moonlit Cinema on the sand; Music In The Park events – and a whole lot more to keep you entertained all year round. Picnic Point features picnic areas, sports fields, woodlands, and walking trails.

Table Top Mountain

table top mountain toowoomba
Table Top Mountain Toowoomba. Credit: canva

Table Top Mountain is Queensland’s tallest point, originally situated at the edge of the Great Dividing Range in Toowoomba.

The Toowoomba locals know Table Top Mountain’s peak offers the best views in town. No need to hike though—just take a 20 minute drive! What is on your must-see list? The Great Dividing Range, lush forests of Blue Gums lining ridges and precipices, breathtaking panoramas from the 765 meters summit… you name it! It’s all up there waiting for you on the world famous Table Top Mountain.

State Rose Garden

The State Rose Garden Toowoomba is an oasis of beauty and calm in the centre of a bustling tourist town. It boasts over 120 new rose varieties created by breeders across the world, including 10 regional Queensland selections.

With 3km of winding pathways that allow visitors to soak up every detail and enjoy panoramic views of Mount Lofty from elevated Great Walkways, it’s impossible not to connect with nature in this natural jewel. If you’re looking for all-round relaxation and enjoyment then there really is no better place than The State Rose Garden Toowoomba.

Big Scenic Drive

The Big Scenic Drive Toowoomba is a 180,000 acre natural spectacular touring drive through Queensland. Along the way, you’ll find state forests and national parks.

Fauna and flora abound as do other exciting sites of cultural significance such as Aboriginal rock carvings along the route, large petrified logs from millions of years ago, giant boulders near Brisbane Ranges National Park which are picnic ready with tables set up around them!

Great Dividing Range

Toowoomba Queensland: What’s There to Do in Toowoomba
View of Great Dividing Range from the summit of Table Top Mountain, Toowoomba. Credit: canva

The Great Dividing Range of Australia’s East coast is the volcanic spinal spine that runs from Sydney to Cairns. It is Australia’s greatest natural icon. It stretches 3,000km from south to north and can be seen all over the country – but nowhere better than in Toowoomba!

Rodeleagh House Gardens

Rodeleagh House Gardens is a wonderful English-themed garden with over an acre of cultivating
rooms and beautiful flowers. There is a pond, waterfall, gardens full of ferns and blooming flowers, waterfalls, rhododendrons in season (1967), fernery, lit pathways to cover so you can look at something on your way there.

The Old Mill Complex

The Old Mill Complex Toowoomba is a collection of historical buildings in Toowoomba that now function primarily as commercial and residential spaces.

The Old Mill Complex Toowoomba is loved by locals because it inspires visitors to engage with history to see firsthand what life was like 100 years ago or more. Making your visit a great experience for you will be beneficial on every level possible!




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