Top 10 Souvenirs From Australia

Australia is renowned for its unique culture and wildlife. From the iconic kangaroo to the koala, there are many treasures you can bring back as a souvenir from this beautiful country.

souvenirs from australia koala stuff animal
Koala stuff animal. Credit: canva

Here’s our list of 10 must-have souvenirs from Australia that will make you feel like you’ve been there! 

Koala Stuff Animal

Australians know that if you’re looking for a souvenir from their big brown land, you need to take home something koala related. They have koalas there, after all.

The good news is they come in many shapes and sizes to please any taste or budget too – so grab your favorite! You can’t forget the real star of Australia: koalas!

Jarrah Wood

Assorted Jarrah Wood artifacts represent these items as Australian exports and highlight Australia’s natural beauty. For example, a jarrah wood cutting board can be used for wares like cheeses and pies or simply artfully displayed as a decorative piece that favors form over function.

Jarrah Wood comes from the jarrah tree. The world-famous Jarrah forest is in Western Australia, making jarrah an Australian timber.

This solid, hard wood has a beautiful grain that means it takes on strikingly different hues as it ages. It is often used for flooring because of its structural strength and ready availability at low cost.

Kangaroo Stuffed Animal

Stuffed kangaroos are adored by children and adults alike, the perfect souvenir for your next trip to Australia.

Thus making this list was obviously a breeze. Who doesn’t love stuffed animals? Especially when they’re from home (Australia). This little guy is perfect for snuggling up with on an airplane, or taking a nap during those long layovers between continents.


What can you get from Australia that hits two birds with one stone? Boomerangs! Fun for all ages, boomeranging is a super Aussie past time. Throw it and watch it fly up almost 100 meters, on its way back down zip your way to the top of the trees and be back before you know its gone!

Clear out some room in your suitcase for these iconic goodies from Oz… You don’t want to miss out on this souvenir opportunity.

T-shirts with Sydney Opera House on it

The Sydney Opera House T-shirt, one of the top 10 souvenirs from Australia, is iconic and a must-buy for those who love both jaw-dropping architecture and great music.

The popular T-shirt design honors the site’s architectural significance as well as its connection to musicians from around the world–both past (Olivia Newton John) and present (Kendrick Lamar).

Australian Aboriginal Art

This art comes from different regions of Australia, but has one thing in common. It’s made by aborigines who used stones or charcoal as well as natural dyes to create these beautiful paintings on boards.

Aboriginals would use objects they had found or created locally from natural materials to create lasting expressions of their cultural identity and spiritual life. These pieces are usually made up with clay which has been painted with body paint mixed with ground yellow ochre pigment in order to produce brilliant colors that have rich artistic value.

You can find them along with body painting kits which allow visitors to learn how the artists make them while also seeing firsthand what Aboriginal people look like today.

Australian Opals

Australians love to collect souvenirs of their travels, and most people will tell you they have backpacks stuffed full of them. What better way to remember your trip to Australia than with a true blue Aussie rock? Opal jewelry is such an iconic part of the Australian identity that it’s one thing many just can’t leave without! 

Tim Tams Chocolate Biscuits

Well, these are the best tasting chocolate biscuits you will ever eat! Tim Tams are one of Australia’s most iconic souvenirs, and it would be silly not to bring some back to your friends.

That hot chocolate taste just gets you in the best kind of mood, doesn’t it? They’re so good that people have been known to eat them like M&Ms straight out of the container.


Vegemite is a popular cheese-like spread, which many people are either crazy about or have never heard of. “It tastes like the world smells” says one buyer.

Vegemite is considered an acquired taste so it doesn’t come as a surprise that not everyone likes its flavor. But if you managed to adopt the taste, then you will understand why this common Australian food has become such an iconic souvenir item and tourist attraction for countries with more than 11 million annual visitors!

Crocodile Skin

Everybody’s got a bit of nostalgia crawling around their heart with the Australian Crocodile skin purse, wallet or watch strap. Their memories overflowing with your crocodile leather design.

Your great investment from traveling to Australia is the perfect way to reminisce on those lazy days spent at Uluru and Sydney Harbour. Maybe you’ll find it in yourself to finally go visit all these amazing places before they’re gone forever! Buy them here for an authentic souvenir that will last a lifetime!


We hope you enjoyed our list of must-have Australian souvenirs. If you’re looking for a vacation destination, Australia should be at the top of your list! From its unique culture and wildlife to its stunning natural landscapes, this country is one that will leave an indelible imprint on any visitor’s heart.