Vienna Sausage vs Little Smokies: A Comparison

It’s the ultimate battle of the mini sausages. In one corner, we have Vienna sausage. In the other corner, we have Little Smokies.

Vienna sausage vs. little smokies: what’s the difference? While both are tender and juicy, Vienna has a salty and intense flavor, and Little smokies are slightly sweet.

Vienna Sausage vs Little Smokies: A Comparison

This comprehensive comparison will explain everything you need to know about these two types of sausage. By the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which is right for you!

Vienna Sausage Vs. Little Smokies

Vienna Sausage vs Little Smokies: A Comparison
Vienna sausages vs. Little smokies

Round One: Taste

vienna sausages
Vienna sausages. Credit: canva

When it comes to taste, there can be no doubt that Vienna sausage is the clear winner.

Vienna sausage, made with pork and beef, has a richer flavor than Little Smokies, made with pork and chicken. Plus, Vienna sausage is smoked, giving it an even more intense flavor.

The taste of the Little Smokie is smoky and slightly sweet, which comes from adding brown sugar to the recipe.

Round Two: Texture

little smokies
Little Smokies. Credit: canva

This is close, but we’ll have to give the edge to Little Smokies.

While both sausages are tender and juicy, Little Smokies are just a smidge softer than Vienna sausage. This might not seem like a big deal, but when biting into a mini sausage, every bit counts.

Round Three: Versatility

grilled vienna sausages
Grilled Vienna sausages. Credit: canva

This one could go either way, but we’ll have to give the edge to Little Smokies.

While Vienna sausage is delicious and can be used in various dishes, it’s not quite as versatile or easy to use as Little Smokies. These little sausages can be used in appetizers, main dishes, and everything.


Vienna Sausage

Vienna is a famous pre-cooked sausage originating from Vienna, Austria. It is made from finely ground pork and beef, with added spices and flavorings, in a casing of sheep’s intestine, then given a low-temperature smoking.

Also called hot dog sausages, they are typically boiled or grilled and served in a long bread roll with fried onions and your choice of condiments.

They’re called hot dogs – a popular fast food/junk food item when served this way.

Little Smokies

You may know them as cocktail wieners or little smokies, but whatever you call them, these small sausages are delicious.

The most well-known brand is probably Lit’l SmokiesĀ®, made by Hillshire Farms, but other brands are available in the US and internationally.

Beef and pork are typical for these smoky snacks, but you can find variations with cheddar or chipotle peppers.

Essentially little hot dogs, these sausages are easy to heat up and make great appetizers or snacks.


What is a Vienna sausage made of?

It is typically made of finely ground pork, beef, spices, and seasonings.

How is a Vienna sausage cooked and served?

Traditionally, it is cooked by simmering in water or broth until heated. It can then be served hot on a bun or cracker as a mini hot dog or sliced and added to dishes such as casseroles or pasta salads.

Is a Vienna sausage the same as a hot dog or frankfurter?

While they are similar in size and appearance, they are not necessarily the same. A hot dog or frankfurter typically consists of more finely ground meat, while a Vienna sausage often has more significant chunks of meat visible.

Hot dogs and frankfurters often contain preservatives such as sodium nitrate, while Vienna sausages do not.

Are there vegetarian alternatives to Vienna sausages?

Several brands offer vegetarian versions of non-meat proteins such as soy or tofu.

Is it safe to eat Vienna sausages if you have specific dietary restrictions or allergies?

As with any food product, individuals should always carefully read the ingredient list and contact the manufacturer if they have concerns about specific ingredients or allergens.

That being said, many traditional Vienna sausages contain gluten and may also include additives such as monosodium glutamate (MSG). Those with dietary restrictions or sensitivities may want to choose alternative options.

Are there different flavors or varieties of Vienna sausages available?

Some brands offer flavored varieties, such as smoked onion or jalapeno & cheese. There are also low-sodium versions available for those watching their salt intake.

Where can I buy Vienna sausages?

They can commonly be found in the canned meat aisle of most grocery stores, as well as some convenience stores and gas stations. They can also be purchased online from various retailers.

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