What Goes With Pizza For A Birthday Party? (Kids to Adult)

It’s your best friend’s birthday, and you want to throw them a memorable pizza party. Everyone loves pizza, but you’re wondering what else should be on the menu to make this a special night.

Don’t worry; we’ve got all the answers to create the perfect accompaniments for your delicious pies!

From sweet treats to savory snacks, here are some fantastic ideas for what goes with pizza when it comes time to toast or celebrate!

What Goes with Pizza for a Birthday Party?

Here are some other foods that are a great pairing with pizza.

what goes with pizza for a birthday party
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Kid-friendly Side Dishes

Dipping Bar

Another choice is to build a dipping bar with the slices. Guests may use their toppings, from cheesy sauce to creamy sauce, such as ranch or sriracha, cream cheese, sour cream, or barbecue sauce, to spoon over their dishes.

Veggie Platter or French Fries

Adding a raw vegetable platter, french fries, or even Pretzels, season with salt, is an excellent method to increase the amount of dippable meals you can prepare.

Garlic Bread

Traditional pizza side dishes include garlic bread, garlic cheese bread, cheesy bread, french bread, and any bread. Spread the dipping sauce onto your favorite bread and top it with shredded cheese. 

Garden Side Salad

This lovely dish of salad bowl is made from a simple lettuce mix, some fresh cucumber, and tomatoes. This easy salad is hearty enough to serve as a side dish with just about any meal.

Fresh Fruits Salad
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Fresh Fruits Salad

Fruits are the most popular. Fortunately, they aren’t particular about fruit, making it an excellent pizza addition. If this fruit bowl is too basic, you can use them as an ice cream topping for a more satisfying dessert.

Veggie Pasta Salad

It is pasta, Italian Dressing, and a few standard veggies like tomato, cucumber, carrot, and broccoli that are all you need to make one flavorful side dish that your children will enjoy. You can also add bread to pasta salad.

Greek Yogurt with Fruit & Nuts

Plain Greek yogurt is helpful in a range of meals. I like to combine ripe blueberries, strawberries, and almonds for protein to keep the sour taste balanced.

Corn Chips & Salsa

Everyone loves chips and salsa.

Apples & Cheddar

Apple and cheddar cheese are a fantastic combination. This combination has become one of our favorites, which we eat with pizza and sandwiches.

Corn Dogs
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Corn Dogs

Corn dogs are fantastic comfort food for kids, and they’re also delicious as a side dish with pizza.

Baked Potato or Classic Potato Salad

Last on our list is a classic side that also works well with the flavors of tomato soup. 

Mushroom Cream Soup

What about a cream of mushroom soup, if you don’t mind having something thick and creamy?

Classic Meatballs

Pizza and savory meatballs are a perfect combination. Meatball subs, spaghetti, meatballs, sausage rolls, or big juicy Italian-style meatballs make the ideal side dish for any pizza party.

More Sophisticated Delicious Side Dishes

Of course, you must also prepare food for the adult guests, such as the uncles and aunts, the kids’ parents, and everyone else invited. 

Here are some suggestions for the more sophisticated side dishes that go very well with pizza.

Roasted Lemony Asparagus

A citrus touch to a pizza supper may be ideal. Pizza can be a hearty meal, with its thick crust and sauce, cheese, and topping-filled body being the heavy components. It’s light, refreshing, sweet, and a wonderful way to end your hefty meal.

The bright appearance of this dish is lightened with the delicious taste of lemon. We all know we eat with our eyes before ever putting a flavor to our lips. Therefore, the bright hues of green and yellow complement each other well and help to lighten things up.

Spicy Bacon Roasted Broccoli

There’s nothing wrong with a crunchy side dish that emphasizes the power of broccoli and includes a touch of bacon fat.

Bright Citrus Salad

This side dish may add brightness to your meal and complement your main course without overpowering it.

Salami and Olive Salad

This hearty and rustic salad takes you back to ancient Italy. It adds a nice balance to the whole meal, making you wonder how you ever ate pizza without this king of salads to serve alongside it.

Simple Roasted Summer Vegetables

A typical pizza night is a relaxing occasion. So, when it comes to side dishes, simplicity is best. The incredible tastes of grilled summer leafy greens are ideal complements to a delectable pizza.

Basic Arugula Salad With Parmesan

Arugula is a colorful, vibrant salad with green tones that highlight most meals, but it complements pizza particularly well. This delectable dish couldn’t be made easier, making it the ideal side dish for your pizza night dinner.

Mini Fruit Pizzas

These are more of a dessert than a side dish, but fruit provides a light note to meals that make them taste fresh.

These fruit pizzas are a hit with everyone, especially babies and toddlers. They offer something to do that doesn’t create a huge mess, as well as you encouraging them to eat fruits! It’s a win-win situation for your next pizza night.

Chicken Wings

Pizza and wings are such an iconic combination of classic comfort food, and chicken wings are a great side dish to pair with pizza when you’re feeding a crowd.

Fried Mozzarella Triangles or Mozzarella Sticks

If pizza night is a cheat night, you may indulge in fried mozzarella triangles or sticks.

For a taste that mimics your deep dish pizza but isn’t overpowering, serve our marinara sauce with fried mozzarella triangles or sticks. It’s like pizza in stick form.

How To Plan your Pizza Party

Pick Your Perfect Pizza

When you’ve figured out the guest count at your party, you can plan how many pizzas and flavor possibilities to serve.

What are the birthday boy or girl’s personal favorites? Make sure you have at least one of their favorites on hand.

Next, think about the toppings. Choosing at least a few possibilities will help you cover your bases. Almost everyone will enjoy plain cheese, making it an excellent compromise for any vegetarians at the party. A pie with vegetarian toppings may also be ordered if meat is preferred. Meat lovers would adore pepperoni and sausage on their pizzas.

Finally, how much do you anticipate everyone will consume? Do you have a hungry crowd? Do you have to offer several hearty pizza alternatives? You don’t want anyone to quarrel over the last slice.

Prepare the Perfect Side Dish

The leading food at the dinner is pizza, but you may also serve your guests a more spread-out selection of party foods for complementary flavors.

Side dishes are a fantastic way to ensure that anyone who can’t eat pizza is still satisfied during the party.

The Dessert.

What’s a birthday without a birthday cake or something sweet?

A delicious, one-of-a-kind cake with frosted toppings is an option. Cupcakes, on the other hand, may be a fantastic alternative.

For those who want to get the most out of their pizza experience, dessert pizza is an obvious choice.

  • S’mores dessert pizza: chocolate and marshmallows
  • Fruit pizza: whipped cream and sliced fruit
  • Brownie pizza: a brownie base with frosting
  • Oreo pizza: an Oreo crust with a creamy topping
  • Cinnamon roll pizza: sweet crust with cinnamon and glaze

The Decorations

The possibilities for pizza party ideas are endless, mainly when you use pizza theme party decorations. You may replicate a traditional pizza kitchen, pizza balloons, backdrop photo pizza props, or hang pieces of pizza around. You may also provide tickets and invitations for guests of honor.

Why does a Pizza party work for birthday celebrations?

Everyone likes pizza

Yes, we understand that making such a sweeping statement is imprudent. But there are so many various alternatives and favorite toppings of delicious pizza that are available, which appeal to both adults and children.

Even if individuals don’t enjoy cheese, they still like pizza (although you can get a pie without cheese if they despise it).

So a pizza birthday party will make an incredible birthday party with an unforgettable meal.

You can take pizza anywhere.

Guests enjoy mingling and roaming about during a party. Your visitors may take a slice of this delicious meal with them and sit anywhere they choose.

Having a table for each slice of pizza is unnecessary, but it’s a good idea to ensure your guests are at ease. Selecting this food option will simplify preparation without providing seats for every visitor.

You can save time by ordering this food.

It’s much easier to serve pizza at your birthday party than to prepare it yourself. The pizzeria you pick will do your hard work by making the pies just as you desire.

You won’t need to provide or wash any unusual servers since the slices may be taken directly from the box and eaten immediately.

Pizza can feed a large number of guests.

Adults eat, on average, three slices of pizza, and children consume two slices of pie each meal.

You may cut down on food if you order sides and dessert along with your meal. You can also freeze any extra for another day or reheat it for a future dinner.

You can customize pizza any way you like

The most popular savory pizza is often classic cheese or pepperoni for children. Adults enjoy a higher-end pie with meat and vegetables on occasion.

Pizza isn’t usually messy.

Because pizza does not need a table setting to consume, your party guests will carry slices throughout the space. Because it is self-contained, there’s less risk that someone will drop around the room.

There are no special servers to supply or clean since the slices can be eaten right from the box.

However, if you’re having pizza for a birthday party, you’ll need napkins, paper towels, or paper plates. Near the food, make sure there are some accessible. If renting a space for a birthday party, bear this in mind.

Pizza can meet almost any budget.

After you’ve picked a location, decorations, and entertainment for your birthday party, it might get pricey. It may begin to add up when you have to feed a huge crowd of people.

Feeding your guests pizza will delight them and save you money on your budget. You’ll discover that most large pizzas cost about $15 and that many restaurants provide special pricing for larger orders.

What is a Pizza?

A pizza is a flat, round bread usually topped with tomato sauce and cheese. The crust can be thick or thin, depending on your preference. Some people like to eat their pizza by folding it half lengthwise so that the toppings are inside the fold.

Pizza comes in many flavors, including pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, onions, etc.

In Italy, pizza is sliced and eaten with a knife and fork in formal settings, such as a restaurant. In everyday situations, it is cut into wedges to be eaten while held in hand.

Is pizza good for a birthday party?
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Is pizza good for a birthday party?

For many years, pizza has been a popular choice for birthday parties. The numerous toppings available for this delectable meal allow it to cater to a wide range of palettes. If you’re having a birthday party, ordering pizza will make your planning easier and less costly.

What is a birthday pizza?

Make extra dessert lovely with a personal touch. It’s simply standard homemade pizza spiced up with a personalized birthday note, but the youngsters enjoy that it’s customized just for them.

How do you keep pizza warm for a party?

To keep the pizza warm, wrap each slice in aluminum foil. If the slices grow cold before your guests arrive, place the pizza — still wrapped in aluminum foil — in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes until heated.

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