Do UCS Look At Senior Year Grades? [FAQs]

Do universities look at senior year grades? The answer is yes, but not in the way you might think.

Regarding admissions decisions, the University of California (UC) system does not use senior-year grades for calculating your GPA or for admissions considerations.

However, they take into account the type and number of academic courses taken in your senior year when deciding.

The UCs also consider the rigor and grades of your freshman-year classes in context with your overall schedule and grade trend. This means that if you had a solid first year academically, you should continue to maintain that performance throughout your senior year.

In addition, if you receive an acceptance letter from a UC school before graduating high school, they will review both first and second-semester grades of your senior year to determine whether or not to rescind their offer.

It’s important to note that any grade below a “C” could result in rescinding an offer of admission. While the UCs don’t technically use senior year grades for admissions decisions, they consider them when evaluating applicants.

Therefore it’s essential to stay on top of your studies during this time and strive for excellence in all areas of academics!


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