4 Halal Korean BBQ Sydney: The Best Delicious Options

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If you are looking for some delicious Korean BBQ, Sydney has plenty of restaurants to choose from. However, not all of them are halal-friendly.

The 4 halal Korean BBQ Sydney restaurants are:

  • BBQ City
  • KOGI
  • Butcher Buffet
  • BOM KBBQ and Soju Bar

Here is a list of the three best halal Korean BBQ restaurants in Sydney!

The Top 4 Halal Korean BBQ Sydney

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BBQ City

BBQ City is a Halal Korean restaurant. The restaurant features tabletop BBQ grills, plus buffets with sushi & fried chicken. The place is quite spacious, with an indoor and outdoor seating area.

  • Address: Little Saigon Plaza, Level 5/462 Chapel Rd, Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Opening hours: Every day (11 am – 3 pm, 4.30 pm – 10 pm)
  • Website: http://www.facebook.com/bbqcitykorean, https://www.bbqcity.com.au/
  • Google rating: 4.4/5


  • Soup
  • Sushi Roll & Rice
  • Korean Fried Chicken
  • Stir-fried Noodle
  • Salad
  • BBQ City Hot Food
  • BBQ City Charcoal BBQ (Beef, Lamb & Chicken, Vegetables, Seafood)
  • Dessert

Google Reviews:

“Great variety of Halal food (non-halal options available in a separate area). Staff are very friendly and accommodating but can sometimes forget about you when they get busy (forgetting to change the grill plate or top up the water). It is a bit more on the pricey side but you pay for the experience as well as the food.”

“Best Halal Korean BBQ, highly recommended, they are busy so try to book in advance. … “


Kogi is a Korean BBQ restaurant that also provides Halal options. They specialize in beef cuts, hot pots, & stir fry served in a casual Korean BBQ spot with table grills.

  • Address: Level 3 Market City, 9-13 Hay St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Opening hours: Sunday (12 pm – 3 pm, 5 pm – 10 pm), Monday (closed), Tuesday – Thursday (5 – 10 pm), Friday – Saturday (5 – 11 pm)
  • Website: http://www.kogi.com.au/
  • Google rating: 4.5/5


  • Korean BBQ
  • Toppoki
  • Soup
  • Korean Fried Chicken
  • Bibimbap
  • Chilled noodles

Google Reviews:

“Amazing Korean BBQ. Easily the best in Sydney. You get what you pay for here, and it’s all amazing! Staff are super attentive and help you cook if you’re inexperienced. They also have halal options! Definitely coming back again ???? …” (Halal Foodie)

“One of the best K-bbq’s I’ve been to and they also serve halal meat as well!” (Christie Ng)

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Butcher Buffet Strathfield

Butcher Buffet is a Halal-certified Korean BBQ restaurant. It is a casual destination, featuring buffet-style Korean fare & tabletop grills in a relaxed setting. The place is not too spacious, with thick Korean feels and music.

  • Address: 11 Parnell St, Strathfield NSW 2135, Australia
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Opening hours: Every day (11.30 am – 4.30 pm, 5.30 – 10 pm)
  • Website: http://www.butchersbuffet.com.au/
  • Google rating: 4.6/5


Lunch & Dinner Korean BBQ Sets that include Korean BBQ meats, salads, cold food, hot food, side dishes, sauces, ice cream & coffee.

Google Reviews:

“This place was just fantastic! The meats was so soft and very well marinated but most importantly it was halal. They also had a wide range of sides to pick from. The Kimchi was also a highlight! Soooo good. Thank you for catering for the Muslim community. I can’t wait to return for more delicious food.”

“Firstly, meat is halal. Such an exciting factor when you can enjoy Korean BBQ finally ❤????. The place has an excellent atmosphere and my friends brought me here for my birthday. A very cosy, trendy place with great meats.

Will 100% be returning and recommending to my Muslim friends!”

@_tastyhalal_ ????Butchers Buffet, Strathfield Halal friendly Korean BBQ place, all chicken and beef are halal. They have a few branches across Sydney as well. Check out their page. Please do not waste any food !! @butchersbuffet • #halaltravel #hijabi #modestfashion #cantonesemuslim #revertslife #sydneytravel #halalfriendly #tastyhalal #reverts #sydneyhalaleats #halalsydney #halal #halalfood #halalaustralia #halalfoodie #hijabstyle #sydneyfoodie #muslimeats #islamicfashion #homecooking #sydneycheapeats #sydneylocal #sydneyfoodshare #ilovesydney #sydneyfoodie #halal #halalfoodie #muslima #muslimlife #sydneyfoodguide #chinesemuslim ♬ original sound – _tastyhalal_

BOM KBBQ and Soju Bar

A Korean BBQ restaurant with a modern and electric feel. The place is quite spacious, with purple dominant color, and kid-friendly. It is endorsed by Halal Advisor so it is definitely halal.

  • Address: EdSquare Shopping, Level 1/52 Soldiers Parade, Edmondson Park NSW 2174, Australia
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Opening hours: Monday (closed), Tuesday – Thursday (5 – 9 pm), Friday (5 – 10 pm), Saturday – Sunday (12 – 3 pm; 5 – 10 pm)
  • Website: https://bombbq.com.au/
  • Google rating: 3.7/5

Menu: Korean BBQ (Beef), Chilled Noodle, Bibimbap

Google Reviews:

“The environment was 6 stars but I could only give 5. A lot of time and effort was spent on creating that club atmosphere. The manager was super friendly and helpful. He was honest and realised he overcharged us, so he offered us 4 drinks for free. Waiters were attentive. However, food selection was a bit limited, compared to other AYCE KBBQ. Overall a good experience.” (Phoebe)

“We’ve been coming here every week since it opened, and it truly feels like a home away from home. The exceptional customer service here goes above and beyond our expectations. From the moment we walk in, we’re greeted like family, and that warmth and hospitality continue throughout our visit. … ” (Elhaam Moawad)

Halal Korean BBQ in Sydney – Halal Advisor – All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ Sydney at BOM Ed Square

Top Pick: 678 Korean BBQ Restaurant

A small halal Korean Restaurant that is quite hidden inside a building. You need to use an elevator or stairs to get to the restaurant. And it is quite pricey. However, the food is good and the portion is quite big. So it is quite popular.

  • Address: Level 1/396 Pitt St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Opening hours: 12 – 11 pm
  • Website: http://678sydney.com.au/
  • Google rating: 4.0/5

Menu: Korean BBQ (Beef), Chilled Noodle, Bibimbap

Google Reviews:

“Amazing as always. The meat is Halal certified and great quality. Would recommend booking online as it’s very busy.” (Fatema Hassanally)

Halal bbq places are hard to come by, especially this one being hidden inside an office building where you could only access it by going up a staircase or an elevator.” (Kenny Wong)

Korean BBQ: What Makes It So Special?

korean bbq1
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What is a Korean-style BBQ?

Also known as gogi gui (meat roast), Korean BBQ is a grilling method where thin cuts of meat are cooked on a metal grill right in front of you.

The meats are usually marinated prior to cooking to enhance their flavor. Once they are grilled to perfection, they are then wrapped in lettuce or perilla leaves and eaten with a variety of dipping sauces.

This type of BBQ is a great way to try a variety of different meats and flavors all at once!

What is special about Korean BBQ?

The main difference between Korean BBQ and other types of BBQ is the marinade.

Korean BBQ typically uses a variety of different marinades, which can range from sweet to savory. This gives the meat a unique flavor that you can’t find anywhere else!

In addition, Korean BBQ is usually cooked with charcoal, which also adds a unique flavor to the meat.

If you are looking for a truly unique and delicious BBQ experience, then Korean BBQ is the way to go!

What makes Korean BBQ Halal?

There are a few things that make Korean BBQ halal.

First, the meat must be from a halal-certified source. And pork is not allowed.

Second, the grill must be clean and free of any non-halal ingredients.

Finally, the restaurant must not use any alcohol in their marinades or sauces.

By following these guidelines, you can be sure that your Korean BBQ experience will be both delicious and halal!


If you are looking for some delicious Korean BBQ, Sydney has plenty of restaurants to choose from. However, not all of them are halal-friendly.

The good news is that there are a few great halal-friendly options and we’ve compiled a list of the best ones for you.

The 4 halal Korean BBQ Sydney restaurants are:

  • BBQ City
  • KOGI
  • Butcher Buffet
  • BOM KBBQ and Soju Bar

So, whether you are visiting Sydney or living here, check out our list and enjoy some amazing Korean BBQ!

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