What Happened To Ken L Ration Dog Food?

Origins of Ken-L Ration

Ken-L Ration was one of the earliest brands of canned dog food, first hitting the market in 1922. It was based on the idea that dogs could eat a canned food similar to the K-ration given to soldiers.

The brand gained popularity throughout the 20th century. A Brief History of the Pet Food Industry Part Two, The Introduction of Canned pet food Ken-L-Ration. – epoch.pet

What Happened To Ken L Ration Dog Food?
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Acquisition by Quaker Oats

In 1942, Ken-L Ration was purchased by Quaker Oats Company which helped expand its market share. However, the brand failed to keep up with changing consumer demands and preferences in pet food. Ken-L Ration Needed to Lose the Can and Up the Quality – Past Brands

Declining Sales

By the 1990s, Ken-L Ration’s canned food and lack of nutritional upgrades led to declining sales. The brand had not evolved with the times.

Sale to H.J. Heinz

In 1995, Quaker Oats sold the Ken-L Ration brand name to H.J. Heinz Co. However, under new ownership the brand still did not successfully adapt. Ken L Ration Dog Food – What Happened – All The Story You Should Know – Jolly Doggy


Unable to revive the brand, Heinz eventually discontinued production of Ken-L Ration dog food altogether. After decades as a top seller, the company failed to keep up with the changing pet food industry.

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