What Happened To Pie Calayan: The Story

A Brief Background

Pie Calayan was a Filipino celebrity cosmetic surgeon who rose to fame alongside her husband Dr. Manny Calayan in the 2000s. Together, they operated the popular Manny & Pie Calayan Clinic with branches in the Philippines and United States.

What Happened To Pie Calayan
Photo by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography on Unsplash

Botched Surgery Leads to Stepping Back

In 2012, Pie Calayan faced legal issues stemming from a botched surgery case in California (Calayans sentenced to probation in US). This resulted in her and Dr. Manny receiving probation. According to forum discussions, this surgery negatively impacted Pie’s confidence and image (What happened to Dt. Manny and Pie Calayan?).

Stepping Away from the Public Eye

In the years following, Pie Calayan took on a lower public profile compared to her previous celebrity status. Forum posts from this time period speculated on her whereabouts and Instagram account (Fashion Pulis and His BI’s thread 3). It appears she made the decision to step back from her work and focus on her mental well-being.

Ongoing Legal Battles

Even after distancing herself publicly, Pie remained involved in some legal proceedings through her husband Dr. Manny’s ongoing lawsuits. In 2014, they sued a former clinic manager (Calayan sues former LA clinic manager for $2.5M). And in 2021, Dr. Manny discussed finding inner peace amid their legal troubles (Dr. Manny is at peace with himself and with the world).

Current Whereabouts Unknown

Over a decade since stepping back, Pie Calayan’s present circumstances and location remain unknown. The Manny & Pie Calayan Clinic continues to operate online and in physical locations. But Pie herself has maintained a low profile, having seemingly found distance from her past celebrity lifestyle for the sake of her well-being.

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