Salero Kito: Nasi Padang Melbourne

Nasi Padang is a type of Indonesian food with rich, complex flavors that can’t be missed. Salero Kito offers authentic dishes from Indonesia in Melbourne’s CBD area on Collin Street.

Besides being great for dine-in or take-out, this nasi Padang Melbourne has wonderful choices and reasonable prices!

Salero Kito – Authentic Halal Padang Cuisine in Melbourne

nasi padang melbourne

Salero Kito is a halal restaurant specializing in Indonesian Padang cuisine that you wish you’d discovered earlier. The deliciousness of this region’s dishes has already taken it across the archipelago and over to Australia, but now they’re right here at home!

The Padang cuisine from the Indonesian province of West Sumatra is delicious and has been taken across the archipelago. Some of the famous Padang cuisines are nasi Padang and rendang beef, both delicious!

Padang restaurants are recognizable by the myriad of plates – think beef rendang, chili eggplant, curried fish, potato patties, and sambal- stacked up behind shopfront windows or on tables.

Australian regulations won’t allow such stacking, so husband and wife owners Afdal Utama and Tika Kartini have adapted visuals to place dishes in bain Marie behind glass for customers to see their food cooking away!

Salero Kito Nasi Padang Melbourne Location

Salero Kita lies in Central Business District (CBD) area, around 0.1 miles from Collins Street. The exact address for this nasi Padang Melbourne is Shop 18 235-251 Bourke St Tivoli Arcade, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia.

Tivoli Arcade on Bourke Street, Melbourne

Tivoli Arcade is a shopping mall complex on Bourke Street in the CBD area of Melbourne, Australia. It is just a short walk from Bourke Street mall, which used to house one of the RMIT University campuses.

Bourke Street is one of Melbourne’s most frequented shopping districts. The property itself has 17 levels, with high-quality offices that span 1670 square meters on each floor and an arcade that will offer many new opportunities for expansion following a renovation.

Salero Kito Padang Menu

beef rendang
Beef Rendang. Credit: canva

Rice Combo

  • Rice Combination 3 types of meat Dishes
  • Rice Combo 2 types of meat & 1 Vegetable OR Egg Dishes
  • Rice Combination 2 types of meat Dishes
  • Rice Combo 1 Meat and 1 Vegetable OR Egg Dishes
  • Rice Combo 1 Meat and 2 Vegetable OR Egg Dishes
  • Rice Combination With 2 Vegetable OR Egg Dishes

Weekend Special

  • Tempe Buncis Goreng Balado
  • Paru Goreng Balado
  • Daging Balado
  • Fish Curry

Dish Only

  • Beef Rendang
  • Crispy Deep Fry Beef
  • Crispy Deep Fry Ox Lung
  • Curry Chicken
  • Fried Chicken
  • Spicy Chicken
  • Crispy Deep Fry Catfish
  • Beef Tendon Curry
  • Silverbeet Curry
  • Jackfruit Cabbage and Green Beans Curry
  • Spicy Eggplant\
  • Egg Curry
  • Spicy Egg
  • Spicy Potatoes

Ala Carte

  • Lontong Sayur Curry Chicken
  • Lontong Sayur Beef Rendang
  • Ayam Pop
  • Sate Padang

Opening Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 11 am – 5 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 11.30 am – 7.30 pm

Reviews for Salero Kito

Tripadvisor Reviews

“Resurrection Indo Buffet
After this awful 2020 I entered Tivoli Arcade to find half shops empty and for lease.
Depression lifted as found my journey goal: Salerno Kito open for lunch.
Rice, chicken curry, beef rendang, plus beef with veg soup. Yummy.
Enjoyed on airy outside tables. Friendly service. Delicious quality Indo food.”

“Indo Alfresco Yummo
Having been a fan of another Bain Marie Indo food in Melbourne for two decades I was delighted to discover this gem at rear of Tivoli arcade. 3 meat & rice = $13. Cracking value. Beef rendeng, beef stew and curried chicken dished but smiling chap. Bonus enjoyment in fresh air communal table of rear laneway. Yes this first timer shall return.”

Google Reviews

“Simply the best Padang food in Melbourne. If this resto were in Indonesia, I would only give 3 stars though as the dish selection was very minimal here.”

“Love their authentic food, unusual, offal and all. Opposite Victoria Hotel, perfect for a takeaway for lunch, plenty left for dinner too. Great value. Looking forward to more.”

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