5 Best Yogurt in Sydney

Australia is one of the countries that consume the most yogurt. In Sydney, you can find a variety, including frozen, Greek, and regular in various flavors.

Here, we have compiled the top 5 best yogurts in Sydney that you can try: Yogurtberry George St., Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt, Yo-Chi, Koomi Townhall, and Yees Yogurt.

Let’s find out!

What is Yogurt 

Strawberry Yogurt. Credit: canva

It is made of bacterial fermentation or culture of milk known as Lactobacillus delbrueckii subs. Bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. The bacterially fermented sugars in the milk produce lactic acid. 

This acid forms the texture and flavor. The result varies among producers due to the process. The producers often use cow’s milk, water buffalo, ewes, mares, camels, and yaks’ milk.

Some producers may homogenize and pasteurize the milk first, while others use raw milk without homogenizing the milk first. 

Many varieties include plain, frozen, low fat, and caramel. Yogurt fits perfectly with apple pie, cheesecake, candy, or gelato.

5 Best Yogurt in Sydney

Taste Mango Yogurt in Yogurberry George St. 

5 Best Yogurt in Sydney
  • Address: 8/537-551 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia.
  • Located in: Skyview Shopping Plaza
  • Phone Number: +61430659288
  • Open Time: Tuesday to Thursday and Monday at 11 AM to 9 PM and Friday to Sunday at 11 AM to 10 PM
  • Website/Instagram: http://www.yogurberry.com.au/ or @yogurberryaustralia


  • Original 
  • Fruity Flavor:
    • Strawberry, watermelon, mango, passionfruit, peach, forest berry, pomegranate, blueberry, banana, and coconut
    • Taro 
    • Golden Vanilla
    • White Chocolate, Nutella, and Chocolate
    • Cookie and Cream, Oreo, Chocolate brownie, and Butterscotch
    • Bubblegum
  • Seasonal: 
    • Dulce De Leche
    • Thai Milk Tea
    • Blueberry Mint
    • Cranberry
    • Raspberry 


Some customers are satisfied with the services and quality of the menu. For example, one of the customers said, “Small place but good frozen yogurt selection. Kids love it!”. Other customers stated, “Many flavors of froyo and great service.” and “Good selection of flavors and toppings.” 

Most customers love the ice cream style. So they pick this restaurant to spend their weekends. That’s why this restaurant is often crowded on a Saturday night. Dieters can also enjoy them because this restaurant also serves non-sugar ones. 

The atmosphere and decoration in the restaurant are attractive enough.  

Fresh Fruit in Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt 

5 Best Yogurt in Sydney
  • Address: Shop 6/683-689 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
  • Open Time: Tuesday to Monday 11 AM to 10 PM
  • Website/Instagram: https://yomiesyogurt.com/ or @yomiesau 


  • Top 9 menus
    • Purple rice 
    • Oat 
    • Avos!
    • Haw purple rice
    • Jujube purple rice
    • Passionate from miles away
    • Melon
    • Red bean purple rice
    • Strawberry 
  • Rice vs Yogurt Smoothie
  • Snow Flakurt Secret Fruity


Customers love the unique flavors this restaurant offers. For example, one of the customers explained, “Very good taste, ordered oat flavor and purple rice flavor.” Another customer also explains her excitement, “the good thing about them is a variety of choices, from fillings to flavors.” 

The drinks are perfect for a cozy afternoon. Most customers love the refreshing chewy texture. A customer also said that the purple rice from this restaurant is her favorite in Sydney. 

First-time customers may be a bit weird with the concept of purple rice products. You have to go there earlier because of the long line in front of the restaurant. Some customers have to wait for nearly half an hour to get it. But after tasting it, they want to try it more and more.  

Frozen Yogurt in Yo Chi Sydney

5 Best Yogurt in Sydney
  • Address: 435 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
  • Located in: Mondoluce Lighting 
  • Phone Number: +61293197525
  • Open Time: Tuesday to Thursday and Monday at 12 to 10 PM, Friday at 12 to 10:30 PM, and Sunday at 11 AM to 10 PM.
  • Website/Instagram: https://yochi.com.au/ or @iloveyochi


  • Signature Tart
  • Salted Butterscotch 
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Mixed Berry 
  • Classic Vanilla
  • Chocolate 
  • Lemon Cheese Cake
  • Pine Lime
  • Green Tea
  • Mango
  • Banana
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Chocolate Hazelnut 


Yo-Chi offers a variety of flavors. Some are also new for them. One of the customers described, “Choose from fruit balls, fresh fruit, compote, nuts, chocolate, and more.” 

The restaurant’s design is also inviting due to neon lights and bright space. They are also satisfied with the service and quality of the menu. However, one of them clarified, “Good hygiene and tasty frozen yogurt, was a bit pricy though.” 

The menu is for all customers, including vegans and dieters. You only have to pick the vegan or one with dairy and gluten-free. Customers are also attracted by the variety of toppings, including fruit balls, fresh fruits, compote, nuts, chocolate, and many more. People are even tempted to buy because the staff was keen to explain the concept and offer tastings.  

Koomi Townhall 

5 Best Yogurt in Sydney
  • Address: Lower Ground, LG04/580 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
  • Phone Number: +61272265114
  • Open Time: Tuesday to Monday from 12 to 8 PM
  • Website/Instagram: http://koomiyoghurt.com/ or @koomiyoghurt


Mango, peach, nuts, purple rice, Oreo, and many more.


Koomi Townhall is well-known because of its friendly staff and fast service. You will get comments, such as “Staff are also friendly, and the service is fast.”, “Was very fresh tasting and refreshing.” and “Yummy drinks in a convenient location! I get avocado yogurt every week.” 

Some customers are also satisfied with the freshness of the mango. It’s refreshing with a variety of toppings, including purple rice. The store tries to keep the quality and taste by only using high-quality milk and additional ingredients. 

The taste variation and topping make customers curious and want to drink Koomi more and more. They have six stores in Sydney, Strathfield, Macquarie, Chatswood, Townhall, and Castle Hill in Australia. 

The stores help customers if they want to try and order their favorite in Australia. Please go to the store earlier; otherwise, you have to wait.   

Fresh Fruit in Yees Yogurt 

5 Best Yogurt in Sydney
  • Address: Chinatown Centre, Shop 10/405 Sussex St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia
  • Located in: Chinatown Centre 
  • Open Time: Tuesday to Monday from 11 AM to 11 PM 
  • Phone Number: +61293040001
  • Website/Instagram: http://yeesyogurt.com.au/ or @yeesyogurt


  • Signature products: purple rice, Oreo, Taro, Yellow peach, Hazel and pistachio, mixed berry, and natural bird nest
  • Tasty and Healthy: Nature peach gum, Oats, red bean, dates, and dates and birds nest. 
  • Yees Only: vanilla protein, Acai, ice cream, sea salt cheese.
  • Fresh Fruits: Honeydew melon, mango, kiwi, passion fruit, avocado, strawberry, and litchi. 


Customers love to sit around the restaurant while enjoying their drinks. One of the customers even said, “Nice vibe and sitting area.” Indeed, most customers like the taste of the drinks. A customer explained, “Really yummy drinks and many fun flavors to choose from!” 

Another fan stated, “The signature purple rice was very tasty.” The taste is not too sweet and refreshing, along with various toppings, including purple rice, Oreo, oats, taro, avocado, peach gum, and many more. 

In a tight drink business competition in Sydney, Yees is recommended for a nice flavor. People can mix something they have never tried before to get a new and unique taste.


How Many Yogurts Should I Eat a Day for Probiotics?

The recommended daily intake is between 6 and 8 ounces per day. This amount should be spread throughout the day since overeating at once may cause stomach upset.

If you’re looking to boost your probiotic levels, eat foods like kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickles. These fermented foods contain beneficial bacteria that help keep your gut healthy.

Which Yogurt Has the Least Amount of Sugar?

The answer to this question depends on what kind you like best. Some contain sugar, while others do not.

If you prefer a plain one, Yoplait Original Plain Greek has less sugar than any others. However, Yoplait Strawberry Greek contains the least sugar if you like flavored.

What Yogurt is Best for Diabetics?

The best for diabetics is Greek-style yogurt. This has less sugar than regular ones, making it healthier. However, some brands may contain artificial sweeteners, such as sucralose, used to replace sugar. If you want to avoid these ingredients, try making it at home.

Is Jalna Yoghurt Healthy?

Jalna claims to contain natural ingredients with essential nutrients, including the vitamins and minerals you need daily to stay healthy.

Which Yogurt is Good for Weight Loss?

Greek-style yogurt has less fat and calories than regular ones. It also contains live cultures, which help boost metabolism and digestion.

Is It OK to Eat Yogurt at Night?

Eating it at night is fine because it contains probiotics that help keep your digestive system healthy. However, overeating may cause stomach upset.

Is Aldi Greek Yogurt Healthy?

Yes. It contains non-fat milk and probiotics that are good for your digestive system.

What is Real Yogurt?

Real yogurt is made from milk cultured for at least 24 hours. The longer the milk sits, the thicker it becomes. There are two types: Greek style and regular. Both contain live cultures and probiotics, which help maintain healthy digestive systems.