The Complete List of Australian Meat Pie Brands

What is your favorite Australian meat pie brand? There are so many to choose from! Whether you prefer a savory or sweet flavor, this list will have something for everyone. And don’t forget about the crust, it’s important too! If you’re looking for a new lunch option- look no further than these tasty pies.

australian meat pie brands
Australian meat pies. Credit: canva

This blog post talks about all of the different brands of beef pie that Australians can enjoy in their day-to-day lives. Some people like savory flavors while others prefer sweeter tastes; whatever your preference maybe there is an Australian meat pie brand for you on this list.

What is a meat pie?

A meat pie is a savory dish that can be made with either ground beef or ham. It has a pastry crust and is typically served as an appetizer. The most common type of meat pie is the Cornish pasty, which was created in Cornwall, England where it remains popular today. 

A meat pie is a traditional dish that you might find on the menu at your favorite pub or restaurant as an appetizer before dinner starts.

Meat pies in Australia

In Australia, meat pies are common food. They are an iconic Australian dish and can be found in bakeries all across the country. There are many different types of fillings for these pies: beef, chicken, or vegetable.

The classic meat pie has minced beef inside and is cooked in an oven until golden brown on top with a pastry bottom crust that is soft to touch. These pies can be eaten hot or cold depending on preference and convenience. 

In Australia, it’s not uncommon to find them at local sporting events like cricket matches as well as picnics when you’re out enjoying nature around your neighborhood!

The complete list of Australian pie brands

The top three brands in Australian meat pie are: 

Four’N Twenty Pies

It is a company that was established years ago and has been making pies ever since. The Four’N Twenty pie is the most popular, with its classic beef and gravy recipe made from quality cuts of beef.

The pies are made with savory meat and gravy filling which is what makes them so tasty! They come in many different flavors including, beef, steak & cheese, lamb & mint sauce, tandoori chicken, vegemite, and cheese. Each pie is about 2 inches in diameter and 3 inches tall – perfect for a single serving or to share with friends.

In Australia Four’N Twenty Pies can be found at most convenience stores or grocery stores alongside other frozen foods like ice cream.

It’s no wonder why Australians have such strong feelings towards these pies; they’re delectable!

Golden North Pty Ltd

This company produces both traditional varieties such as steak and cheese, as well as innovative flavors like chicken curry or spicy Mexican chili con Carne.

Golden North Pty Ltd is an Australian company that produces pies. Their product, the Australian meat pie, can be found in Australia and other countries. They are a family-owned business with their headquarters located in Melbourne. Golden North is one of the leading producers of frozen pies in the world! 

The Australian Meat Pie from Golden North operates on a simple premise: to produce quality food for everyone to enjoy that doesn’t cost too much money. This means they focus heavily on providing high-quality products at reasonable prices so people don’t have to break the bank just to try them out.

Hargreaves Foods Australia

This family-run business has been producing some of Australia’s favorite pies for over 50 years! 

Hargreaves Foods Australia is a family-owned company with over 50 years of experience in the food industry. They supply fresh produce to supermarkets across Australia and New Zealand, including Coles, Woolworths, Foodworks, and IGA.

Hargreaves Foods produces fruit juices, jams, and jellies as well as frozen goods such as pizzas for pizza chains like Domino’s Pizza. In addition to this, they also export their products to countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia where it is distributed through local partners or our customers internationally.

What is your favorite brand? What flavors do you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!

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