Do Optavia Coaches Get A Discount On Food?

Benefits of Being an Optavia Coach

Being an Optavia Coach provides benefits beyond just losing weight on the Optavia plan. Coaches have the opportunity to earn income while helping others reach their health goals. They also receive perks like discounts on Optavia products.

Do Optavia Coaches Get A Discount On Food?
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Discounts for Coaches

Yes, Optavia Coaches do get a discount on the food that is part of the Optavia weight loss plan. Some of the key discounts include:

  • Coaches receive a 25% discount on all Optavia fuelings and shakes that they purchase for themselves (source).
  • If a Coach sells a certain number of boxes to clients, they qualify for even higher discounts, sometimes as much as 50% off their own order (source).
  • There are also often special promotions that give Coaches extra Optavia products free with auto-ship orders (source).

Other Perks

In addition to food discounts, Coaches enjoy other benefits like:

  • Access to a private online community and support from other Coaches
  • Training and marketing materials to help grow their business
  • Potential to earn income by helping others lose weight
  • Discounts on lifestyle items like water bottles and shakers
  • Recognition within the Optavia community for success

Is It Worth It?

For those already following the Optavia plan, becoming a Coach can make the program more affordable through discounts. It also allows them to help others on their weight loss journey. The potential for income makes it worthwhile for some people to pursue as a part-time business or side hustle. The discounts alone may justify the small annual Coach fee for many.

In conclusion, yes Optavia Coaches do receive valuable discounts on the Optavia food as a benefit of their role, potentially saving them hundreds per year or more on the cost of following the plan themselves long-term. The discounts are one reason the Coach opportunity may be worthwhile to consider.

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