Vegemite: What Is It and What’s Vegemite Made of?

What is Vegemite and what’s vegemite made of? Vegemite is a popular Australian breakfast favorite. It is made out of yeast extract, salt, malt extract (sometimes), vegetable extract (vegetable coloring), and sugar. It’s an iconic and quintessential part of Australia’s history and culture, but not everyone knows what it is or where it came from.

what's vegemite made of
Vegemite on toast. Credit: canva

What’s Vegemite Made Of?

Ever wondered what Vegemite is made of? It’s a yeast extract, which is basically adding salt and vegetable matter to ferment.

The yeast breaks down the sugars from the vegetables releasing alcohol and carbon dioxide gas in the process. This creates an acidic environment which then ferments more sugars out of the vegetables.

After this fermentation has taken place, they are dried by baking them in ovens or drying them on trays where they dry up completely into a brown powder before being ground into a fine paste that we know as Vegemite! 

What does Vegemite taste like? Well, it tastes salty with hints of nutty flavors like caramel and cocoa beans. It also contains high levels of salt so it can be addictive.

Why Australians Love Vegemite So Much?

Vegemite is a brown, salty spread that has been enjoyed by Australians for over 90 years. It is not a common product outside of Australia and it can be difficult to find Vegemite in the U.S.

But many people believe the reason Australians love Vegemite so much is that it was created from leftover beer brewing yeast, giving it a flavor, unlike any other food or condiment! 

Unlike some American foods like ketchup or mayonnaise, Vegemite does not have an expiration date, meaning you don’t have to worry about throwing out your jar after six months of use! It also contains folate which helps with cell production and can help improve cardiovascular health as well as reduce the risk for strokes and heart disease!

Health Benefits of Vegemite

Vegemite has been around since 1922, but the question still remains: does it really taste good? We’ll let you be the judge of that one.

What we do know is that Vegemite contains many health benefits, such as vitamin B12, niacin, and B6 among other things. It’s also known to contain folate which helps prevent birth defects during pregnancy.

The salty spread also has no trans fats or cholesterol meaning it can be enjoyed by people with diabetes and heart disease without worry! So next time your craving something different tries some vegemite on toast or crackers for a little extra flavor!

How to Eat Vegemite?

Eating Vegemite is a taste that many people have grown up with. But, how would you go about eating this Australian food?

There are many ways to enjoy Vegemite including spreading it thinly, using as a dip with crackers, and adding it into an eggs benedict recipe.

Here are some tips for enjoying Vegemite from someone who has been using it since they were born! 

  1. First, make sure to scrape off the excess butter so that your toast doesn’t get soggy and unappetizing. 
  2. Then, take your bread and spread the Vegemite on one side. If you’re feeling adventurous or daring, try spreading it all over the slice of bread!  
  3. Finally, enjoy your breakfast by dipping your toast into a cup of milk or tea (hot cocoa works too!).