What Is Tomato Puree In Australia?

What Is Tomato Puree In Australia?
Tomato puree. Credit: Canva

Tomato puree is a thick, smooth sauce that is made from tomatoes. It is used in many different dishes, including pasta sauces, soups, and stews. However, tomato puree can mean different things in different countries.

What is tomato puree in Australia? It is most likely tomato passata or Australian Leggos tomato puree.

What are they? How can you substitute it? And where can you buy them? In this blog post, we will discuss tomato puree, the differences, and how to substitute them.

What is Tomato Puree?

What Is Tomato Puree In Australia?
A bowl of tomato puree. Credit: Canva

What is the definition of Tomato Puree?

Tomato Puree is the perfect way to enjoy the taste of fresh tomatoes anytime you want. Whether you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen or just looking for a quick and easy snack, Tomato Puree is a delicious and nutritious choice.

A tomato puree is canned tomatoes prepared from cooked, strained tomatoes. The consistency of tomato puree is less thick than tomato paste. In reality, for many brands, it’s made with tomato paste and water.

It’s usually sold in 10 to 15-ounce cans.

What is the Difference between Tomato Puree and Tomato Paste?

Compared to tomato puree, tomato paste is a much thicker and more concentrated paste of tomatoes.

Here are several differences between the two.

Preparation method

Tomato purée is prepared by simmering tomatoes gently before puréeing them into a liquid.

Tomato paste, on the other hand, is cooked for a longer time than its puréed counterpart. The seeds and skins are removed from the cooked tomatoes before they’re cooked again to turn the concentrate into a thick paste.


Tomato purée has a thinner consistency than tomato paste.

Intensity of flavor

The flavor of tomato paste is richer than that of tomato purée since it has been cooked for a longer time. The hours spent overheating result in a product with greater depths of flavor, which is comparable to a dried tomato.

In comparison to tomato paste, tomato puree has a sweet flavor, milder, and fresher flavor.


Tomato paste is made of concentrated tomatoes that are a common thickener and flavoring agent in soups and stews.

Tomato purée is used in the creation of thinner tomato-based sauces and condiments such as salsas, hot sauce, marinara sauce, and pizza sauce as a base.

Can You Substitute One for the Other?

You can substitute tomato puree with tomato paste. You just need to dilute tomato paste with water. To make ½ cup tomato puree, mix ¼ cup tomato paste with ¼ cup water.

However, you cannot substitute tomato paste with tomato puree, since the pureed tomato is much thinner than the paste version.

What is Tomato Puree in Australia?

What Is Tomato Puree In Australia?
Tomato passata. Credit: Canva

Tomato Passata

If you come across “tomato puree” in general recipes, which mostly are American, then it most likely means Tomato Passata in Australia. Terminology differs from country to country.

What is Tomato Passata?

Tomato Passata is a type of tomato that has been puréed and strained. It’s made entirely of tomatoes with no additions or tastes, but it might have added salt.

It has a lovely, uniform texture and is ideal for thick tomato-based sauces. It’s smooth, not chunky or lumpy as crushed or chopped tomatoes. And it makes delicious sauce thickness.

How to use it?

You can use tomato passata in many different ways:

  • As a base for pasta sauces: Mix it with some herbs and spices to create your homemade pasta sauce.
  • In soups: Add some tomato passata to your soup for a richer flavor.
  • As a condiment: Serve tomato passata as a dip with some crackers or bread.
  • As an ingredient: Add tomato passata to your recipes for extra flavor and nutrition.
  • As a snack: Enjoy it straight out of the jar!

What are substitutes for Tomato Passata?

In the United States or Canada, tomato passata is best replaced with tomato puree.

Tomato puree is made in the same manner as tomato passata. The two are interchangeable in recipes with a similar result in taste and consistency.

Tomato paste can also be used as a substitute for tomato passata. Tomato paste is thicker than passata, so it’s best to dilute it with water or chicken stock.

What is the difference between Tomato Passata and Tomato paste?

Tomato paste is more concentrated and has a thicker consistency than tomato passata. It also has a stronger flavor, which makes it perfect for use in dishes such as stews and curries.

However, if you’re looking for a simple tomato sauce to use on pasta, pizzas, or spaghetti sauce, then tomato passata is the better option. It’s also more cost-effective than tomato paste.

What is the difference between Tomato Passata and US Tomato sauce?

Tomato sauce in the United States is typically a ketchup-based sauce. It’s made with tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt, and spices.

Tomato passata doesn’t have any additional flavors or ingredients aside from tomatoes.

So if you’re looking for a simple tomato flavour sauce that will compliment your dish without overshadowing it, then tomato passata is a better option.

Leggos Tomato Puree

If you are looking for Australian-made tomato puree then you should try Leggos Tomato Puree.

Leggos Tomato Puree is a type of tomato puree that is made in Australia with 100% Australian ingredients.

It is a smooth and uniform tomato purée that is ideal for thickening tomato-based sauces and condiments.

What are Tomato Puree Substitutes?

Tomato Paste + Water

If you’re looking for a substitute for tomato puree, the best option is to mix tomato paste with water. This will create a thinner sauce that has a similar consistency and flavor to the tomato puree.

Tomato Sauce

Another good substitute for tomato puree is tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is a ketchup-based sauce that is made with tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt, and spices.

It’s thicker than tomato puree and has a stronger flavor, so it’s best used in dishes such as stews and curries.

Marinara Sauce of Pizza Sauce (in a Pinch)

If you only need a small amount of tomato puree for a recipe, you can try substituting it with tomato pasta sauce, marinara sauce, or pizza sauce.

The pizza sauce is flavored, often with garlic or herbs, whereas tomato puree is unflavored. But, a pinch will not make any big difference to the dish.

Tomato Sauce in Australia

What is the difference between Tomato Sauce and Ketchup in Australia?

Tomato sauce in Australia is a type of tomato sauce that is different than American ketchup.

Ketchup is an American tomato sauce that is made with vinegar, sugar, and salt. It’s thicker than other types of tomato sauces and has a stronger flavor.

Tomato sauce in Australia is typically a smoother sauce that is made with tomatoes, onion, garlic, and herbs. It’s thinner than ketchup and has a milder flavor, which makes it great for use on pizzas or as a dipping sauce for chicken nuggets.

Australians grew up with tomato sauce and they love it. However, they are not familiar with ketchup.

It is interesting that the most popular ketchup brand in America, Heinz, has spent decades trying to sell ketchup to the Australian public. And it is not very successful.

Australia’s best tomato sauce revealed

What is the best tomato sauce in Australia? Here is the list of the best brands for tomato sauce, based on IGA’s community votes:

  1. Community Co A Squeeze Of Tomato Sauce ($1.50) – 79%
  2. Ozesauce Australian All Natural Tomato Sauce ($3) – 72%
  3. Heinz Big Red Tomato Sauce ($2.65) – 71%
  4. Aldi Colway Tomato Sauce ($1.39) – 70%
  5. Woolworths Tomato Sauce ($1.50) – 67%
  6. Rosella Tomato Sauce ($2.30) – 66%
  7. Fountain Tomato Sauce Reduced Sugar ($2) – 65%
  8. Coles Tomato Sauce ($1.50) – 64%
  9. Heinz Organic Tomato Ketchup ($4.30) – 63%
  10. MasterFoods Aussie Farmers Tomato Sauce ($3.15) – 63%
  11. Rosella Organic Tomato Sauce ($4) – 63%
  12. MasterFoods Tomato Sauce ($2.95) – 62%
  13. Rosella Honest Kids Tomato Sauce ($3.50) – 62%
  14. Heinz Tomato Ketchup ($3.20) – 61%
  15. Heinz Tomato Ketchup 50% Less Added Sugar & Salt ($3.20) – 57%
  16. Coles Tomato Ketchup ($2.50) – 56%
  17. MasterFoods Tomato Sauce Reduced Salt & Sugar ($2.95) – 54%
  18. Fountain Tomato Sauce ($2) – 53%
  19. Black & Gold Tomato Sauce ($1.80) – 52%
  20. Celebrate Health Tomato Sauce ($5) – 51%
  21. Three Threes Family Recipe Tomato Sauce $2.99) – 50%
  22. Beerenberg Tomato Sauce ($4.75) – 44%

You can buy the Australian tomato sauce at grocery stores and online stores all over Australia.

The Australian & New Zealand tomato sauce market is highly fragmented with the large presence of a large number of major players including Kraft Heinz Company (Australia), Simplot Australia (Australia), Rosella (Australia), Mars Incorporated (Australia), Groenz (Australia), Del Monte (Australia), Annalisa (Australia), Muir Glen (USA) and Renfro Foods (USA).


Is tomato paste the same as tomato puree in Australia?

Tomato paste and tomato puree are different.

Tomato paste is a thick, reduced form of tomato purée with a more intense flavor than the latter.

Tomato paste has a thicker texture than tomato puree and a more intense tomato flavor, making it ideal for dishes such as stews or curries.

What is similar to tomato puree?

Tomato sauce is a similar product to the tomato puree.

The main difference between the two is that tomato puree has no added seasonings and it’s thicker than the latter.

Are crushed tomatoes the same as tomato puree?

Crushed tomatoes are not the same as tomato puree.

Tomato puree has no added seasonings and it’s thicker than crushed tomatoes. Crushed tomatoes have more liquid in them, which makes them runnier than tomato purée.