Why is cricket the most popular sport in australia?

Cricket is the most popular sport in Australia because it is played all year round. The game is also very exciting because it requires skill and teamwork. In addition, cricket is a great spectator sport because it is played at ground level, and spectators can easily follow the action.

Cricket is the most popular sport in Australia.

It’s sort of like baseball, but it only has one person on a team and they wear gloves because if you catch one with your hands instead of the ball then you’re out. The good thing about cricket is that there are lots of different varieties. There’s Test Cricket which takes five days and can get pretty intense. Or 20-20 Cricket, where each innings lasts 20 overs, so it goes faster and still provides a lot of action without taking forever to complete. Cricket Australia is a game of skill and finesse, which we Australians like to show off with big shots and some serious leg-work. Take a look at our cricketing Aussies – Clarke being the captain for his country doesn’t happen overnight – it takes an expert eye to spot those perfect opportunities on the field. The world cups of cricket have been played by Australia, South Africa and four other countries. One of the australian cricket team hero is sir Donald Bradman, Ricky Ponting, Shane Warne, Steve Waugh. Or cherish your moments mastering your cricket skills with spin bowling, or batting against bowlers from around the world. You can have fun playing as Australia in backyard cricket game, so get involved!

What is the most popular sport in Australia?

If you were born in Australia, it’s likely that your favorite sport is one of the 8 most popular sports in Australia here. Let’s see which one is your favorite?
cricket popular sport australia
Cricket. Credit: canva

We all know football and rugby are the two more popular ones around the world. But what about cricket? Cricket may not be as well-known outside of Australia. However, there are over 1 million people who play it every week! including lots of australian child.

This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about the top 8 most popular sports we have in our country.

8 Most Popular Sports in Australia: Which One is Yours?

Some other popular activity are cricket, rugby league, rugby union, and soccer. There are also some less known sports such as netball, which is similar to basketball but without the dribbling or shot clock; Gaelic football which dates back to ancient times; and Aussie rules footy for women – these games all have their own passionate following within the country. Australia has hosted several major sporting events including the 2000 Sydney Olympics and it’s expected that they will host more in coming years!

Australian Football

There’s a reason that Aussie folk love Aussie Rules. Known as rugby with its pummeling and contact, this game can get rough in the trenches. One of the most-watched sports in Australia is Australian Rules Football. This game was invented by Tom Wills and first played on Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in 1858. The kicking rules are just what you’re after if you enjoy gambling on who will win the match. There’s no time for tears when there are tackles to make – plus you’ll know which player has kicked it best by listening for their roar of pride! Let’s face it, Aussie Rules Football team is what Australians are all about. They’re passionate and determined players with the skill that reaches far beyond the other sports you might know. Aussie rules football is a much more physical game—brutal even. Anzac Day takes place on April 25th every year and commemorates Australia and New Zealand’s service men in war. It’s different than american football. Even though this isn’t as popular as it once was, Australian Rules Football is still one of the most loved sports played Down-Under. Not to mention there are plenty of talented players from famous australian team and professional league like Essendon Bombers and the Melbourne Demons, who don’t really need any help scoring points and famous household names!

The Australian Football League was developed in the 19th century and popular in western Australia.

Rugby Union

More than just a game, Rugby Union is an integral part of Australian culture and history. Aussie rugby is the most senior of all sports in Australia and was conceived as a result of how close its teams are to one another when playing against each other.

Rugby was first played in South Australia in the late 1860s and early 1870s.

With friendly rivalry, Aussie rugby embodies the spirit that Australians are known for internationally: being genuine people who enjoy life with their mates! Exciting and exhilarating at times, you’ll never forget the stress on players’ faces during the international games!

Most of the eastern states of Australia play in the National Rugby League, which makes rugby the most popular sports there. There are also variations like touch football.

Milestones such as the Australian national team ‘s victory over New Zealand for The Bledisloe Cup remain fresh in our memories.

Soccer (Association Football)

It has come to our attention that many of you have mistaken the most popular sport in Australia for being something other than soccer, but we assure you it’s just a mistake! Soccer is one of the most recognized sports with over 4 million participants! It dominates in the south hemisphere. Soccer participation rates were higher in Major Cities. The premier sports league, the A-League (which is a multi-national competition) has 7 different teams competing against one another. Australian famous soccer players are everyone’s heroes and plus it’s perfect to hang out with friends on a Saturday, maybe even meet some new mates.


Golf is a game that comes with all the benefits and none of the drawbacks. Play it on your own time, play for hours without going to rehab, and enjoy doing so in mere minutes. Golf never gets old because you’re always challenging yourself to improve with every round; it’s also wicked cool to be able to say you beat someone else at their own game! Australian Famous golfer is Greg Norman.


Tennis is one of the most popular sports in Australia, and for many people, it’s a lifelong commitment. With so much to gain from this sport—physical activity, friendships, a sense of accomplishment—it’s no wonder that it has really taken off across the world. Between competitions with friends and family over summer vacations to participating in governing bodies like local tennis clubs or national organizations like Tennis Australia, tennis is a competitive yet relaxed way to have fun any time of year.


Playing netball is almost like playing a board game in the air. Catch, shoot, and pass while staying on your side of the court to keep winning points! The game of netball is always a fun time. The rules are easier to grasp than those of other more complicated sports, and it’s perfect for tailgates with family and friends. Netball’s popularity in Australia signifies the social aspect the game promotes, which is great when you want to have a memorable and fun event!


When it comes to sports, you can’t beat basketball. One of the most popular in Australia, this sport is often played in school gyms or in nice weather outdoors. With bright neon nets and bouncy balls that are easy on your hands while throwing them, isn’t it time you indulged your inner hoop star?

What is Your Favorite Sport?

Other sports like Cycling is also popular. The first Australian to win the Tour De France was Cadel Evans.

So what is your favorite sport? Have you ever played it before? If not, maybe this blog post will help inspire you to go out and try something new! We hope that our top 8 list of the most popular sports in Australia has given you a little more insight into what we love here. Which one do you think would be easiest for yourself or someone else to learn how to play? Let us know in the comments below!