Best Online MBA Courses in Australia: Guide to Choosing the Best Course for You

Choosing the best Online MBA Courses in Australia is not an easy task. There are so many different courses to choose from, and each one has its own pros and cons.

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In this blog post, we will discuss why it’s important for you to research your options before signing up for a course. We’ll also go through some of the top universities in Australia that offer Online MBA Courses, as well as what type of student may benefit from taking such a course.

Finally, we’ll provide a list of all the courses available so you can compare them side by side!

What is an MBA Course?

MBA, or the Master of Business Administration, is a world-renowned degree that prepares its students for a career in business. The course covers management theory and practice with special areas of emphasis on accounting, finance, marketing, economics, ethics and more.

Numerous benefits come from completing this program. You can expect to learn how to be an effective leader by analyzing different leadership styles through presentation videos. You can also learn a comprehensive understanding of core business concepts such as financial accounting basics and market analysis.

Is it worth doing MBA from Australia?

Most people are aware of the increasing difficulty in obtaining employment and have sought to improve their chances with certifications like MBA, but many do not know about the options available.

One option is for an international degree from Australia. Considering that Australia ranks high in quality rankings, you will be spending money on acquiring qualified skillsets and certificates for competition against local applicants rather than mediocrity when it comes to finding a job.

Why Are We Choosing Online MBA Courses?

A lot of people don’t realize making the switch from traditional MBA programs to online mba programs could be a huge help in managing work life and family. What’s more, these courses are designed for busy professionals who have tight schedules. The flexibility is what makes an online degree so appealing!

There are some distinct advantages that come with studying distance learning for your master’s in business administration. Reporting back less often does result in lower expenses than attending live lectures because travel and accommodation costs need not be included while completing projects online at home can avoid commuting costs altogether.

It also enables you to take on any freelance assignments or side hustles that well complement your skillset without the worry as much about what time zone they might originate from.

Moreover, if you are unsure about the impact of pandemic, then this is a good place to start. In fact, it might be perfect timing for you to consider online MBA courses.

How much does an online MBA cost in Australia?

For over a decade, Australian students have placed their trust in the institution that has delivered them with the most comprehensive and mutually inclusive online degree.

The University’s online MBA program comes at a high price but gives back more than just paper credentials. Generally, the cost is from AU$36,000 to AU$65,000 inclusive of course fees. From top-of-the-line mentoring to live interaction with alumni all around the world, this immersive program is worth every penny and more.

Which Online MBA Courses are the Best in Australia?

AGSM (Australian Graduate School of Management) @ UNSW Sydney

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The AGSM Online MBA Program is a leading online degree program that provides participants with the information and skills needed to pursue fulfilling careers in management, finance, marketing, operations, as well as other specialties. (Some of its courses include Economics for Managers; International Marketing)

This program requires no previous knowledge or experience to enroll . Instead, students are schooled through motivating coursework. For example – Economics for Managers: two hours per week equates 12 credit points every year. That’s 26 weeks worth of study. So you can study economics anytime – not just during working hours.

The tuition fee is between AUD$55,000 – $66,000 for International students. Check here for comprehensive information: AGSM @UNSW. For information on UNSW Sydney, please check here.

Deakin Business School

Deakin Online MBA Courses by Deakin by School are designed for maximum flexibility. Course material can be downloaded when needed, and Distance Learning is available to students who come from remote areas of the country or abroad.

Faculty members comprise a mix of Deakin Business School’s regular faculty as well as graduate teaching fellows who have excelled on-campus in one of three programs: Advanced Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Finance. Nearly 170 alumni from these online courses currently work with the largest corporations across Australia and around the world – including ANZ Bank, Medibank Private Limited (AMP), Telstra Corporation Limited (TELCO).

The tuition fee is between AUD$35,000 – $45,000 for International students. Check here for comprehensive information: Deakin’s MBA.

La Trobe Business School

La Trobe University is the oldest university in Victoria, Australia. It offers three online MBA courses that are full time with classes running four hours a week for ten weeks (total 40 hours). It offers an online MBA with flexible study options and a diverse range of topics to suit your professional needs.

La Trobe Business School offers MBA courses in online formats. These MBA courses are offered to people with an undergraduate degree primarily seeking employment. We offer flexible options for students in many locations, including Australia and the United States. Graduates can enter a variety of industries drawing from both business management and general discipline expertise to increase their employability.

The tuition fee is around AUD$58,500 for International students. Check here for comprehensive information: La Trobe Online MBA.

Curtin Business School

Curtin University’s Curtin Business School also offers an Online MBA Course. Their course is ranked as one of the best in Australia and Asia Pacific according to The Financial Times Graduate Employability Rankings 2018, with rankings including “3rd for employability.”

Curtin Business School offers a dynamic online learning experience that shapes students into prepared business professionals who can engage globally while meeting regional needs. The courses are designed to grow your skillset, increase your marketable skills and earn you a competitive edge in today’s job environment.

The tuition fee is around AUD$50,000 for International students. Check here for comprehensive information: CBS Online MBA.

University of Adelaide Online MBA Programs

The University of Adelaide Online MBA program is an executive-style degree that will equip you with the skills, knowledge and competencies you need to succeed in a global workforce. The world needs managers that are well rounded – If you’re looking for an educational experience that reflects the convergence of business, social sciences and technology then this is it.

The university prides itself on its small class sizes as they allow regular feedback from your professors, tutors, and fellow classmates; meaning not only do you have access to quality lectures but also opportunities for discussion classes where students put their theories into practice.

The tuition fee is around AUD$54,936 for International students. Check here for comprehensive information:  MBA Online University of Adelaide.